Mattress ‘Use By’ Date

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We spend a third of our lives in bed, yet we don’t think about our mattress and the wear and tear it can receive over this time. A commonly asked question is “does a mattress have a use by date”, and the answer is YES!

Manufacturers and medical professionals recommend you replace your mattress around every 8 years or sooner, depending on how it’s treated.

If your mattress is of poor quality or you don’t look after it properly, you may need to replace it earlier. Or, if you regularly wake up with a stuffy or running nose, with itchy eyes or skin, your mattress may have accumulated dust mite faeces or dead skin skills that are creating allergens. For health and hygiene reasons alone, it is recommended that your replace your mattress every 8 years or even sooner.

In addition, any annoying hollows or lumps indicate that your mattress has reached its use by date.  Or, if you wake up with a sore back or sore joints it’s certainly time to consider a new mattress purchase.

It is also suggested that as your body ages, you will appreciate softer padding to support your joints and pressure points.  Of course, this doesn’t mean a soft or saggy bed!  The padding refers to the top layer of your mattress, it is important that the inherent structure support your skeletal system.

There are so many different types of mattresses to choose from. Check out the Bedshed guide to help you find the mattress right for you.