Midwinter’s Night Sleep

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For many of us, the coldest months are June, July and August. One of the best wintry-feelings is being warm and comfortable – no matter how cold it is outside. Here are our suggestions for getting a sound midwinter's night sleep.

Layered effect

Our bedding experts recommend you change your quilt depending on the season. The right quilt should give you all the warmth you need. On average, winter quilts provide the approximate warmth of 3-5 blankets and summer quilts provide the about the warmth of 1-2 blankets.

If you tend to feel cold while sleeping, you might also enjoy a mattress topper for extra warmth. High-quality linens made of natural fibers also help wick moisture away from your body and may make you feel more comfortable and less clammy.

Room (and bed) temperature

The temperature of your bedroom can affect how well you sleep. If you have a heater or electric blanket with a timer, set it to switch itself off thirty minutes after you go to sleep, and then turn on thirty minutes before you wake up. During the middle of the night, your quilt, doona or mattress topper should provide you with the warmth you need to sleep through the night.

Warm up your body

Enjoy a hot drink before bed and wear comfortable, warm sleepwear made of flannel or other warm materials. Additionally, make sure your feet are comfortable so that you easily fall – and stay – asleep. Wear socks to bed if your feet are cold and take your socks off if your feet are hot.

Eight hours ... and a little bit extra

Most of us tend to need more sleep in winter, so it's a good idea to adjust your sleeping hours to accommodate this. Set aside an extra half hour – whether that means going to bed earlier or rising later – so that you're fully rested.

Rising before the sun

We are naturally geared towards sleeping when it's dark, so help your body adjust to waking up in darkness. Rather than jumping out of bed the when your alarm goes off, turn on a light and allow 5-10 minutes for your mind and body to wake up gently. This is also the time to turn on your heater to reduce the cold-shock when you emerge from beneath your bed covers.