Preparing the Guest Bedroom for the Holidays

tips lsleeping bedroom storage bed

Many of us will be cleaning the house and organising our guest bedrooms for the holiday season in preparation for overnight guests. Here are a few simple ideas to help you with your holiday cleaning.

  1. Making a list and checking it twice! Each day select 2 items on your guest bedroom cleaning list and make sure you get these tasks done
  2. When you make your list, limit yourself on how long, when and what areas of the guest bedroom you are going to clean or sort, then break large items into multiple, smaller, more manageable tasks
  3. Keep the guest bedroom simple and save time by only decorating the dining and living areas with festive, holiday themes
  4. If you DO feel the need to decorate the guest bedroom, add pictures of family and friends from happy holidays past to brighten the mood
  5. Keep your bedroom cleaning project simple by sticking to key tasks like vacuuming and changing the sheets (maybe moving the bed and tallboy, cleaning the blinds and dusting the base boards can wait!)
  6. Give yourself the gift of help! Send the bedding out to be laundered by a professional, hire a cleaning company to vacuum, dust and change the bedding to give you more time to prepare for guests.
  7. When you don't have a guest bedroom or have more guests than beds, consider buying an AeroBed - a comfortable, easy solution for overnight visitors. The AeroBed comes in the same standard sizes as other beds you may have in your home, so you can use the spare linen you already have!
  8. Indulge in an extra set of linen for the guest bedroom in a neutral colour and/or pattern that you can reuse throughout the year, no matter what the season
  9. Keep linen sets together by storing clean linen inside one of the pillowcases
  10. When practical open the windows during and after cleaning to air out the room
  11. Immerse yourself in the excitement of the holidays by playing festive music while cleaning and, if nobody has allergies, add the frosty scents of pine, orange and peppermint to the room
  12. Bag, basket and box -- Often the guest bedroom becomes a storage area until the guests arrive! Bring a bag for trash, a basket for miscellaneous items that need to be taken out of the guest bedroom and a box for papers, magazines or books that belong elsewhere
  13. Utilise the built in bedroom suite storage to organize the room. Under-bed storage is a great place for bulky items like winter doonas and quilts. Tuck some light reading into the built in headboard storage and drape extra bath towels from a partially opened under-bed storage drawer or tallboy drawer so your guests feel comfortable.
  14. The more, the merrier - Add extra pillows and an additional power strip for mobile phones and digital cameras near the bed or dresser in the guest bedroom

Cheers to you on the holidays and take pride in the practical, welcoming guest bedroom you now have to offer from following these simple tips to your holiday guests, visiting family and friends.

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