School Holidays : Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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The winter School Holidays are here and unfortunately the bad rainy weather tends to limit the entertainment options for our young ones. So, why not take the opportunity to brighten up their Bedrooms in the gloomy weather with a few DIY projects that they can do themselves! These Bedroom decorating Ideas will allow your children to get creative and be rewarded with the satisfaction of decorating their own Bedrooms!

Window light catchers:  Stain Glass windows are a lovely feature to add to any room in the house, with the use of stain glass window paint it is simple to achieve a lovely bright feature to your child’s bedroom.  Stain Glass window paint is affordable and easily available, it’s a project your little ones can work on solo by creating bright shapes that you can simply peel once dry and stick to their window! This is an effective way to brighten your girls and boys room this winter!

Mobile hangers: Mobile hangers in a childs bedroom is a good way to add extra colour and fun!  They are simple to make and with a bit of creativity can be used to express your child's interests.  All you require is one main object which will be the base, fishing line and feathers/ paper origami shapes/ colourful streamers or whatever is it they would like to hang down. Themed mobiles are a fun and entertaining way to liven up a childs bedroom!

Chalkboard table: Now this one will keep your young ones entertained for hours! All you need is an old table or desk with a flat table surface, its then just a matter of sanding the top and buying some chalk paint from your local hardware store.  Once painted your children can play games such as naughts and crosses on the table or simply draw with chalk! While keeping the mess in one spot - at least for a while, these chalkboard tables are suitable for a girls or boys room and is also a brilliant piece of furniture to add to the playroom!

Wooden letters: Wooden letters are available at most hardware stores, firstly select a word most appropriate for the room it may be your childs name or something as simple as 'dream'. The letters can then be painted and decorated by your children, and once completed can be placed on their chest of drawers, hung on the walls or even placed on the front of their bedroom door!  These Bedroom Decorating Ideas can also be applied to other rooms in the house!

Brighten up a plain pillow case:  Brightening up bedding in a child’s room is simple, particularly with the use of pillow cases and throws.  For this one all you require is a plain pillow case, preferably white then with fabric pens and paint you can transform this plain pillow case into a work of art! For the younger ones hand prints and finger painting is the best way to go! This is also a good activity for the older ones who are having sleep-overs during the holidays, a pillow slip for each child along with a range of fabric paints and pens which they can then personalise and write nice messages on one anothers.  For a boys room you may choose a comic book character theme, you can trace and then allow your boy to colour in.  Why not also apply these Bedroom Decorating Ideas to your Bedroom and create an adult themed case with flower prints or a nice saying. 

These bedroom decorating ideas have the ability to brighten up your girls and boys room whilst providing them with some entertainment over the winter holidays.  Give your kids the satisfaction of creating décor for their own bedrooms!  Enjoy these winter school holidays by getting creative and adding colour to your child’s bedroom!