Sleep May Be the Best Mothers Day Gift

sleeping tips

What are you giving Mum for Mothers Day? At Bedshed, we'd like to suggest giving Mum a month of sleep.

Maybe you've heard Mum mention she needs more 'Mum sleep' or she doesn't get enough ‘Mum sleep'? Research shows that women are more prone to insomnia and sleep problems than men. And, women experience more changes in their sleep patterns throughout their lifetime than men do.

Many of the best sleep gifts are inexpensive or free. Bedshed encourages you to support ‘Mum sleep' this month by:

  • Getting Mum to bed 15 minutes earlier than her usual bedtime for several consecutive days
  • Making sure Mum has a quiet, dark bedroom (keep voices and household noises down, turn off the TV, computer and lights)
  • Giving Mum a diary and pen on her bedside table where she can write down the thoughts that wake her up
  • Encouraging Mum to take a 25 to 90 min nap during the day

If Mum frequently has trouble getting to sleep at bedtime, or she experiences insomnia and restless sleep often, Mum might be able get more restful sleep by:

  • Moving a baby’s cot, or computers and paperwork out of Mum’s bedroom
  • Increasing exercise (but not working out after dinner time)
  • Creating a sleep routine that includes a warm cup of tea, a warm shower or bath prior to bedtime
  • Changing sleep positions, including a properly sized and supportive pillow
  • Modifying dinner menus to have healthy, fresh foods and avoiding foods and drinks that disrupt sleep
  • Increasing the time between dinner and bedtime to reduce possible reflux or digestive irritation

You can spoil Mum this month, too. Here are some of our favourite Bedshed bedtime gift ideas:

  • A new pillow, contoured pillow or body pillow
  • Aromatherapy lavender, peppermint and soothing aromas
  • A white-noise machine
  • A soothing or luxurious sleep mask
  • A voucher for a massage and spa day