Sleep, Rest & Relax to support a Charity!

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Most of us love the feeling of waking up naturally without the sound of an alarm clock! Having a decent sleep in is a good way to catch up on sleep from the previous week of late nights and early morning starts. But sleeping in bed all day often leaves a lot of us with that feeling of guilt.  We worry about 'wasting' half a day on sleep when it should have been spent doing housework! Well - we have the perfect event for you!

This Sunday the 22nd Bedshed will be supporting the annual Stay in Bed Day, an initiative established by the Australian Mitochrondrial Disease Foundation. 

Stay in Bed Day fundraisers are sponsored by friends and family to stay in bed or pyjamas all day in order to raise money for the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.  Participants are given the opportunity to enjoy their time in bed or in pyjamas knowing that they are supporting people who don't have a choice about being bed ridden.

All proceeds from the Stay in Bed Day will go towards finding a cure for the disease.  Mitochrondrial Disease (Mito) affects 1 in 200 people, the illness is a debilitating, incurable genetic disorder which robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure.

It’s simple to become involved either as a fundraiser, or by supporting participants and making a donation. Find more details about how you can participate by visiting You can even buy a sleep in for your loved ones or even for yourself, visit to find out how.

At Bedshed we recommend supporting the cause and enjoying a guilt-free relaxing day of rest. For those of us that need some help we’ve provided tips below.  Here’s our guide to setting a good environment for a good night’s sleep and also ways to relax during the day.

Create the perfect environment for a good sleep:
- Switch off your alarm clock and mobile phone
- Keep your room dark and at a cool temperature
- Use clean and comfortable linen
- Invest in a comfortable and supportive pillow and mattress

Enjoy a day of rest:
- Lay in bed and read a book from start to finish
- Watch a movie
- Set the mood in your home with relaxing music
- Place lavender candles around your Bedroom, the glorious scent is almost instantly relaxing

Good sleep and relaxation has its health benefits. You will feel refreshed, recharged and ready to start the week.  So get behind the cause and support the Australian Mitochrondrial Disease Foundation. Enjoy a guilt-free day of rest and relaxation. Happy Stay in Bed Day!

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