Small Bedrooms: Kids Beds that Work for Years

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Let's look at how a child will use a small bedroom over many years and choose the kids beds and kids bedroom furniture that's well suited for the major stages of their life. Keep the following questions in mind when picking the best small bedroom furniture for your kids:

  • Can the bedroom doors and furniture drawers be opened easily without having to move people, doors or furniture to access the small bedroom, the kids bed or the bedroom storage?
  • Where are the natural window light and powered light sources? Is there enough light in the small bedroom to see stored items or to study during the day and night?
  • Does this style of kids bed have one or more complementary furniture suite styles, allowing the correctly sized pieces, like bookcases, to be added or to be replaced as the child grows up?
  • In small bedrooms, how many pieces of furniture and decor reasonably fit into the bedroom? Is the small bedroom still functional and comfortable for your child?

5 Year Cycles for Kids Bedrooms

A kids bedroom should change with their growing bodies and new activities. For the sake of planning, let's use approximate five year cycles to plan how the small bedroom will be decorated. As the years pass, observe your kids and trust your instinct to fit the bedroom furniture and bed to the personality of your child.

Ages 3 - 8:

  • Toddlers typically have fewer pieces of furniture and less need for storage
  • Tall furniture can be inaccessible or a climbing hazard for some kids
  • A single or king-single* kids bed fits comfortably into a small bedroom
  • Buy and use mattress protectors, if you have two protectors you can use a clean mattress protector while the soiled mattress protector is in the laundry
  • Siblings can easily share room by using a bunk bed or 2 single kids beds or 2 king single kids beds
  • Be prepared to buy new bedding near the end of this stage, as the playful toddler themed bedding may be worn or no longer popular with your child

Tip: *Choose a king single if the kids bedroom doubles as an occasional guest bedroom and if the small bedroom is large enough to accommodate the longer mattress.

Ages 8 - 13:

  • During the next 5 years, it will be time for a new mattress -- buy the mattress sooner during this stage if the mattress is worn, saggy, lumpy or soiled
  • Give your child ownership of the bedroom by allowing him or her to pick out new bedding
  • Some siblings who are sharing a kids bedroom may be ready for their own room, while other siblings may prefer to continue sharing a room
  • Towards the end of this cycle you may want to add a desk for studying, or include taller storage such as a bookshelf

Tip: If space is permitting, consider a trundle bed, double bed fold out option or air mattress if your child enjoys having young friends spend the night. See our Dreamsense range - a versatile range of affordable, durable, quality kids beds.

Ages 13 - 18:

  • Be prepared to hand over some of the bedroom decorating to your teens
  • At this stage teens often look to their bedroom for privacy, relaxing and studying
  • Siblings who were sharing a room may need their own bedrooms now
  • Look into replacing a shorter furniture piece with a tall bookshelf or desk and hutch
  • Underbed storage or headboard storage can be helpful for your teen to store personal items their bedroom
  • Teens may go through a sleep pattern change during this time. Make sure their small bedroom is dark enough to sleep at night and light enough during study hours
  • At the end of this stage, most kids are close to adult height. If the mattress is more than 8 years old, it may be time to invest in one last mattress
  • Choose a mattress designed to support a heavier growing body and larger adult sized frame
  • If your teen suffers from severe allergies or asthma, replacing an old mattress with a hypo-allergenic mattress may reduce some of their nighttime symptoms

Tip: Consider investing in a good-quality, modestly priced pillow. As a teen gets taller he or she will need a new pillow that supports his or her larger frame.