Suitable Colours for your Childs Bedroom

tips decorating colour bedshed kids bedroom

Choosing colours to repaint rooms in your home is never a fun task, let alone if it’s to please your little one!  There have been extensive studies into the psychology of colours in your home.  The colour of a childs bedroom including their bedding, furniture and decor may have more side effects on their behaviour than we think.  Certain hues on the colour wheel have the ability to influence mood and behaviour, stimulate the brain and can even affect your childs health.  So what colours are most suitable for your childs walls, bedding and furniture in their bedroom and what colours should you avoid altogether?

Warm Colours (Yellow, Orange, Red) :
Bold warm colour shades can have slight side effects on your child by stimulating and having an energising effect on the body. Such colours can be beneficial for growth and development of your child, however may be a bad choice for children with existing sleeping difficulties.  These colours are best used in moderation, we recommend a feature wall or even incorporating the colour with bed linen and furniture.  If you are adamant in using warmer colours ensure that they are teamed up with cooler shades to balance each other out.    The colour red is highly emotive and has the ability to increase heart rate, blood pressure and respiration.  There is some suggestion that red can increase athletic ability in younger children..  Yellow is bright and cheery the colour can stimulate happiness and cheer, the soft subtle use of the colour promotes concentration in contrast with the brighter hues which may improve your memory and even increase metabolism.   Orange is a colour which is often not considered when choosing paint, bedding or furniture colours, the colour however does create a friendly, welcoming and social nature inspiring interpersonal communication, the colour also has relaxing effects, will reduce blood pressure and is known to put you at ease.

Cool Colours (Blue, Purple, Green) : 
Cooler colours have somewhat calming side effects, whilst also making rooms look spacious while creating a sense of relaxation.   Blue has a particularly calming effect on the mind and body, it has been known to lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety.  Children who have trouble sleeping or are prone to tantrums may benefit from spending time in a blue environment, good ways to further incorporate the colour into your decor is with the use of a range of blue hues in the bedding.   Similarly purple has positive effects by combining the stability of blue and incorporating the energy of red, this colour promotes a feeling of wealth and royalty.  Green is associated with good health, healing and wellbeing the colour effectively promotes the feeling of serenity.

The side effects and responses to particular colours are deeply personal.  The brain is designed to identify what it needs and likes and will reward us for following direction.  In other words if you and your child are happy with a particular colour – go for it and be sure to incorporate and complement the colour through bedding and furniture. Happy Painting.