Summer Bedding & Sleeping Tips

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Many of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep over the hot summer months.  The heat and long days make it difficult to sustain an efficient sleep routine for you and your family. Last week we provided you with tips on ways to keep cool and save on air conditioning, but there's more that you can do to keep cool and get a peaceful sleep this summer!   A major factor which may be contributing to your lack of sleep during the hot weather is your bedding.  The truth is that many of us tend to use the same or similar bedding used over winter.  So, lose the flannel, satin and silk sheets, thick doona covers and extra bed rugs - summer has arrived! 

At Bedshed, we can assist you in finding summer appropriate bedding, which may finally provide you with that peaceful sleep you have been waiting for over summer.  In fact your bedding should almost change as much as the seasons do!

What to look for when shopping for Summer Bedding?

Summer appropriate bedding is a good investment and will help you beat the heat this summer. Our  summer bedding tips are as follows:

- Consider the material: Cotton is a great breathable fabric, providing good circulation to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. In comparison, satin and silk sheets seem light but tend to trap in the heat.  Be mindful that some fabrics may be contributing to the heat.

- Colour: Light colours reflect rather than absorb heat, so try and stick with white, beige or pale hues for your sheets, pillow cases and doona covers. Alternative colours used throughout your bedding can add and mix up the aesthetics of your bedroom, so use this as an opportunity to refresh your bedroom coming into summer.

- Thread Count: The thread count refers to the number of cotton fibres per 10 square centimetres of fabric. The higher the thread count generally means the higher quality and durability of the bed sheet. Our suggestion is a 300-400 thread count sheet for summer which will allow cool air to pass through easily and will not trap in unnecessary heat.

- Use a lightweight doona: Store your thick doona away for the season!  While you probably would want to avoid using a doona at all in non-air conditioned rooms, a lightweight doona is ideal for summer use in an air conditioned bedroom.

Sleep Tips for Summer

Over summer it can be challenging to get your family to sleep and stay asleep during those hot summer nights. Following on from our tips last week these pointers will help you maintain a good sleep throughout summer.

- Set a regular bedtime and stick to it: a good bedtime routine is highly beneficial for you and your children. Wondering how much sleep you and your young ones require? Refer to our blog - How much sleep do we need

- Keep the computer, television and all electronics out of your young ones bedroom

- Sleep in darkness : Ensure the bedrooms in your home are dark when it comes to bedtime, sleeping in a dark room will ensure a good night’s sleep and will avoid any light disturbances prompting you to wake earlier than needed. Tip: Keep the blinds and curtains shut on those hot summer days, the material will act as a barrier blocking out unwanted heat and will keep the rooms in your home cooler. 

- Drink plenty of water: Staying hydrated will assist in cooling down your body and will also prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night for a drink of water.

- Air conditioning: If you have an air conditioner in the bedroom don't set it cooler than 24 degrees. The ideal temperature we recommend is 24-25 degrees throughout the summer months. 

We hope that these tips will keep you cool while the temperatures rise! Come into your local Bedshed store this month to find your summer appropriate bedding and other heat resistant products.   Our experienced and friendly staff will guide you in the selection of the best bedding for you.

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