Summer Holidays with Children

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Remember summer holidays when you were a kid? There were sleep overs, camping, playing in the water, and swimming. As a kid we probably spent less time in our bedroom during the summer holidays than any other time of the year.

Easy Packing for Summer Holidays
During the summer holidays, our kids may spend very little time in the bedroom. Many kids enjoy camping, sleep-overs, and holidays with family. The bedroom only needs to be a staging area for packing, and unpacking. Group items by purpose:
• Swimwear, hat, pluggers, and a towel
• Evening sleepwear, with toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, and shampoo
• Daytime clothes, shorts, shirts, undies, socks, and shoes
• Sunblock, mosquito repellent, in a plastic storage bag to catch accidental leaks

Wet Towels, and Wet Clothing in the Bedroom
Many parents get frustrated with kids leaving wet towels, or wet clothes in the bedroom as they dash from a day out at the pool, or in the water to the next event. Make capturing those wet items easier by placing a large, plastic garden bucket near the doorway of the bedroom. So, what do we do when the wet clothes missed the plastic bucket?

Change everyone's routine during the summer holidays. Encourage all family members to get the offending wet items out of the bedroom as quickly as possible. Being prompt prevents the water from soaking deep into the bedding, or the mattress. Most bedding, pillows and linens can be aired outside. Turn the fabric inside out if the fabric is brightly coloured, to prevent sun bleaching.

If the bedding, linens, or pillows continues to smell musty, wash the musty item per the manufacturer's directions. Send pillows, or thick bedding to a professional laundry to prevent the growth of mould if the material still feels moist to the touch. Or use a professional laundry as part of the summer holidays, and spend more time enjoying the summer activities with the kids.

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