Teen Girls’ Movie Party

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It's school holidays for many teens right now. The weather is cold and it's a great time to have a night-in! If you've got teen girls, why not host a teen girls' movie night? OK, a bunch of teen girls at a movie night won't get much sleep (and you might not either), but aren't school holidays the best time for a little fun?

Pick one to three age-appropriate movies for your teen girls. There are dozens of sources for finding the right movie for your movie night. You can find movie recommendations online through services like iTunes, IMDB (Internet Movie Database), QuickFlix (streaming movie service) and your local TV guide. Some of you who enjoy browsing the isles of titles may enjoy a trip to the video store or visiting you local library's movie section. Ask your daughter what movies she might want to watch and don't be afraid to ask another parent or librarian for guidance on a movie when you are unsure if the story is age-appropriate.

Keep the guest-list small and allow your daughter to invite one or two of her closet friends. Crafty-types can make an invitation, but email or phone call is usually enough to plan a quick, simple movie night. Don't forget to ask for emergency contacts, and about allergies or medications. Be understanding and postpone the party if anyone has a seasonal winter cold or flu.

Make movie themed snacks. Serve finger foods, mini-pizzas or hamburgers for dinner. Add a few playful, healthier options, such as serving sparkling water and fruit juice, skewers of fresh fruit and a fresh vegetable with dip. These healthy alternatives to chips and soft drinks are not only better for growing bodies, but can improve our digestion during sleep. Still include a few cinema-themed snacks, like popcorn and the lollies for fun at movie time.

Watch the movie in a warm, comfortable space. Why not take advantage of TV in bed with Bedshed's Tango TV Bed or Beethoven TV Bed? In the bedroom or another room of the house, be ready to tuck the girls up with extra pillows and blankets for the movies. During the movie, provide drink bottles instead of glasses or cups to reduce the chances of drinks being spilt on pillows and blankets. Make sure the guests are comfortable and know where the amenities are. See our article Kids Slumber Parties and Sleepovers for more ideas.