Teenagers Bedroom Makeover Ideas

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As our children grow into teens, their interests and needs change, and their bedroom will change, too.

Many teens will want to retreat to their bedroom for studying, so a good place to start our makeover is by adding a desk and hutch. Our favorites are:

  • Rimini Bedroom Furniture
  • Lasalle Bedroom Furniture
  • Benton Bedroom Furniture

The next important consideration is storage. Our growing teen will soon be tall enough to use top shelves and drawers so we can replace a smaller dresser with a bookcase or a tallboy and gain vertical-storage without losing floor-space. Come into a Bedshed store to see the variety of designs and bedroom suite options.

Our teen will also want to have convenient spaces for electronics, easy access to power outlets and will need good lighting. Headboards, like the Benton with built-in storage are not only practical in small bedrooms but also have useful shelves for music players and phones.

Speaking of beds, is your teen getting taller? It's a good idea to not only buy a new mattress every five years, but use this redecorating opportunity to move up to a better fitting mattress like a King Single or Double Mattress. We recommend buying a mattress designed for a growing teen's body like:

  • Dreamsense Teens & Kids Mattresses
  • Sleepmaker Siimply Siingles Mattresses
  • Sealy Posturepedic Singles Mattresses