The Best Mattress when Sleeping with a Partner

tempur sleeping mattress bed best

Have you ever said something like, ‘I love you honey, but I feel your every toss and turn’?

At Bedshed, we’ve seen mattress technology evolve over the years. Here are our observations about sharing a bed with your partner and which mattress technology will help you both get a good night’s sleep.

  • High-quality, pocketed coil springs or memory foam mattresses tend to be best at reducing motion transfer, but depend on what feel you both find comfortable.
  • For coil mattresses, memory foam in the layers above pocketed coils help minimise small vibrations
  • A quality ensemble (the combined mattress and base) on top of a solid bed prevents rocking and tilting when a partner moves
  • For memory foam mattresses, use a mattress base or bed frame designed to hold the weight and materials of the mattress
  • If you are using a mattress and a slat base, the quality of the bed frame and slats is important - ask our Bedshed staff about beds and metal versus wood slats
  • Mattresses should be replaced every 5 to 8 years to ensure the coils and foam reduce motion transfer

A Saggy Mattress or Squeaky Bed

A lumpy or saggy mattress or squeaky bed are signs a mattress is breaking down. A worn mattress is more likely to transfer motion for many reasons including discomfort. If our body is not comfortably supported then we are more likely to toss and turn frequently.

A quality mattress core ensures the best balance between motion isolation, durability and comfortable support. (See our article on mattress technology.)

Mattress coils and foam naturally wear over time and mattresses need to be turned a few times throughout the year to ensure even-wear. Mattress rotation schedules vary by manufacturer and mattress type. Ask our friendly staff at Bedshed for advice or go to your mattress manufacturer’s website for guidance on rotating your mattress.

A mattress needs to be replaced when the materials are worn. Though the coil spring mattress has been around for decades, manufacturers including Beautyrest and Sleepmaker are leading the engineering of better coil shapes, pocket technology and manufacturing techniques.

New mattress technologies like the specialised Tempur foam are extremely comfortable and cradle your body. Better mattress design over the years has improved our sleep comfort, mattress longevity and reduced motion transfer while sleeping.

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