The Best Pillow for Different Sleep Positions

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Having the right size pillow supporting our head and neck may only be part of a comfortable night's sleep. Adding an extra pillow to support the body can improve deep sleep. The best pillow for each person, and for different sleep positions varies.

Best Pillow for Back Sleep:  Place a firm pillow behind the knees to ease the curve of the spine, and balance pressure across the back muscles.

Best Pillow for Stomach Sleep:  Position a medium pillow under the pelvis, raising the hips and lower spine slightly. A slight lifting of the hips can add comfort, and support the lower back.

Best Pillow for Side Sleep:  Gently support the spine and reduce the curving of the spine, by adding a medium or firm pillow between the knees. The extra pillow helps reduce the rotation of the spine. The pillow can also be moved slightly forward to help prop up the body in the side position.

Best Pillow for the Restless Sleeper:  Is there a perfect pillow for the restless sleeper?

Visit your local Bedshed store to feel a variety of pillow options:
• Therapeutic pillows, and chiropractic pillows
• Body pillows
• Cool gel pillows
• Standard pillows filled with natural fibres such as wool, or cotton
• Pillows with specialised science ranging from memory foam to layered materials to breathable fibres

Find the best pillow for your neck, posture and sleeping position, see our earlier article Choosing the Right Pillow.  Or click here to see our range of Tempur and Technogel pillows.


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