The Eco-Bedroom. Save Energy While You Sleep!

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National Sustainable House Day was yesterday and after seeing some of the eco-homes from around Australia, we have a few energy saving ideas to add.

Powerless Cooling

Australian summers can be hot - really hot. In addition to running our air conditioner at a recommended room temperature of 24 C, there are many gel products that require no electricity to run and keep us cool at night. We recommend

  • Gel mattresses
  • Gel pillows
  • Gel mattress pads

Gel is a dense water-based material that is non-toxic and environmentally safe. It requires no electricity and the dense gel helps move heat away from our body.

If you have a mattress more than 8 years old, consider replacing it with a mattress that has a layer of gel built-in. Not only will you feel cooler, the gel gently disperses your body weight and conforms to the contours of your body.

If you don't need to replace your mattress and want the cooling comfort of gel, one Bedshed'ds favourite products is the Cool Gelmat, with mattress and pillow pads that draw heat directly away from your skin as you lay on it.

Year Around Comfort and Flexibility

By far, the best investment in a bedroom is the linens, quilts and mattress pads. Quilts and mattress pads can be added or removed as the season and weather changes.

During any season, high thread count linens made of natural fibers like cotton, cotton blends, and silk blends will help wick away moisture that makes us feel hot in the summer or clammy-cold in the winter.

Electricity and Heat Savings

From the many eco-homes weve seen, weve discovered so many easy ways to save energy and be comfortable in the bedroom. In addition to our ideas above, we liked these tips:

  • Keep televisions, computers or large electronics out of the bedroom, because many of these devices produce a lot of extra heat
  • Turn off bedroom lights and electronics at the wall when you are out of the room
  • Switch to energy saving light-bulbs, like LEDs, that not only save power, these light bulbs give off less heat
  • Close the doors between rooms in the house and only heat or cool the rooms that you are actively in
  • Use a ceiling fan instead of air conditioning or heating as much as possible

Come into your local Bedshed store and ask our friendly staff to show you the best products for your local climate.