The Importance of Sleep for Kids

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We all know how important a good night’s sleep is, and this is especially important for children during their development stages. There is a growing body of research suggesting that sleep issues can be impacting on many areas of our children’s health and development, including academic performance and growth.

Sleep researcher and psychologist Dr Sarah Blunden, from the Centre for Sleep Research at the University of South Australia, told a recent psychology conference in Melbourne that sleep problems, which can be medical or behavioural, can affect many areas of a child's memory, attention, thinking ability and behaviour.

One area of helping your child get a good night’s sleep, is selecting the right mattress. Bedshed care about your children and have developed a range that is specifically designed for growing kids.

Dreamsense Kidz mattresses have been designed with the wellbeing and comfort of active kids in mind. Providing a healthy, supportive, sleep environment for a growing mind and body, these children's and teen mattresses come with a range of options that also make the incredibly practical.

The Dreamsense Kidz mattress range has some great features and benefits:

Healthguard Treatment

For a healthy sleep environment, it protects against mould, bacteria and dust-mites, reducing major causes of allergies and asthma.

Sensitive Choice Foam

Quality comfort layers for firm support and comfort – sensitive beds for sensitive heads.

Superlastic Pro Support System

Provides excellent postural support for growing bodies. It’s durability response is  engineered to increase the life and performance of the mattress.

AdvancEdge Support

Edge to edge support, limits the 'roll-out' feeling and creates a firming seating edge.

The mattresses come in a boy’s option, Noah, or a girl’s option, Ruby, which are both available in either Single or King Single sizes. To help your child find the most comfortable mattress, they can choose from firm and plush feels. A Bedshed expert can help you at a store in selecting the best feel for your child. The Dreamsense Kidz range also has practical features, including:

Trundles – great for when your child has sleepovers.

Built-in drawers – practical storage for your child.

Double Bed Frame – A frame that can be added beside the bed to make it a double bed size.

With so many practical options the mattress is not only developed to give them the best night’s sleep, but can grow with them and their needs in a practical and functional way.