New Year’s Resolution – Top 4 reasons to get more sleep in 2015

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There’s nothing better than that feeling of waking up completely and utterly refreshed, when you’re ready to take on anything that the day has in store. But can you actually remember the last time you felt like this? If you’ve been waking up tired and dragging yourself through the first half of the day, planning for a healthier night sleep could be the best New Year’s resolution you ever made.

1) Sleep more to be healthier

Getting a good night’s sleep won’t guarantee that you stay healthy all year long, but it will considerably boost your immune system and keep you healthy in times of need. If you're often ill, maybe the quality or quantity of sleep you get every night is letting your body down.

Modern research has consistently linked insufficient sleep to some serious health risks. Getting a good 8 hours sleep every night is proven to help prevent heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity. Some studies have even suggested that a regular visit from the sandman can improve sex life, lower risk of injury and increase life expectancy!

2) Sleep more to improve your mood
Do you find yourself snapping or bursting into tears over nothing? Not getting enough sleep can affect your emotional regulation. This means you’re less in control of your emotions when you're exhausted. Breaking your regular sleep cycle can cause you to feel delusionally stressed, angry or upset over something that wouldn’t normally matter to you!
Conversely, a decent sleep allows for psychological repair that is directly linked to mental focus, mood and your ability to maintain a positive mindset.

3) Sleep more to look younger and keep your weight in check

Disrupting our sleeping pattern has been proven to interrupt some of our bodies’ natural nightly cycles. Insufficient sleep results in an incomplete hormonal cycle, which confuses our body into coping without rest. When we miss out on sleep our bodies are told to store more fat, increase stress levels and decrease feelings of motivation to overcompensate for the recent lack of sleep.

Insufficient sleep also causes a drop in leptin, the hormone that helps us feel full. This means that when you're tired, you're just plain hungrier, and more likely to give in to your fat and sugar cravings!

But wait, there's more. Sleep deprivation has been found to cause changes within the body that are similar to those occurring with normal aging. That’s because sleep is the body’s time for restoration. The cells in our body build up waste while we are awake, so a good night sleep is the best way to flush these toxins from our system and rejuvenate our body. No wonder we look so terrible after a sleepless night!

4) Sleep more to boost brainpower, memory and decision-making

Do you often wake up feeling fuzzy and forgetful after a bad night’s sleep? Studies have shown that our brain processes and strengthens our memories from the day while we’re asleep, so if we don’t get any shut eye, the things we want to remember could be stored wrong.

People who are sleep deprived are substantially worse at recalling information and solving logical problems. On the other hand, a good night’s sleep inspires insight, improves concentration, encourages us to learn new things and has been connected with alertness, productivity, performance and reaction time!

Sleep deprivation may also cause you to make decisions based on impulse, while a good night sleep allows you to consider many different alternatives when choosing a course of action.