Wake Up Feeling Alert and Refreshed

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Some of us find it hard to wake up in the morning. We feel achy, the air is cold, or we are dreading the day ahead of us. At Bedshed, we know how good it feels to wake up feeling alert and refreshed. Here are some practical ideas for waking up:

1. Go to bed happy
2. Sleep cold, wake up warm
3. Create softer layers between your mattress and body
4. Set a pattern of getting exercise shortly after waking up
5. Increase the number of vegetables (both raw and cooked) in your diet
6. Drink moderate amounts of water throughout the day
7. Happy people wake up more refreshed - find out how!

Someone's mother used to say never go to bed angry. What she should have said was go to bed happy to wake up feeling refreshed. We should connect with something that makes us happy before we go to sleep. This can be a picture of a loved one or meaningful event, a good book or movie, or even a song or scent that reminds us of a happy moment.

When possible, we should keep our bedroom cool at night. Hot bedrooms can be the cause of sleep deprivation. We can use a heater or a heated mattress pad for a few minutes each morning to warm our body before we wake up.

As we age, our body tends to be more susceptible to aches and pains. While those aches and pains may not be the only cause of sleep deprivation, they also may be the result of your lack of motivation to get out of bed. Consider a supportive mattress with softer, more plush layers at the surface to cradle the back, neck and joints. We can create a luxurious plush layer between our body and mattress by using the tips in our earlier article, 'Creating Your Own 5 Star Bedding Cloud.'

Our bodies are quite primitive and respond well to simple patterns. Many of our ancestors evolved to wake with the sun and start work in the fields or factories. Set a pattern of getting exercise shortly after waking, such as walking, a bike ride or the gym. Our bodies will actually start to anticipate the pattern and we often find ourselves waking without an alarm or just before the alarm.

During the night, our body goes through digestive and endocrine cycles that affect our body when we wake up. The most common natural circadian rhythm is to go to the bathroom shortly after we wake up. We may be able to improve our regularity and morning wake up routine by adding more fibrous foods and water to our diet.

We may be going to bed dehydrated and having trouble waking up. Dehydration from working in hot environments, dietary habits, medications or drinking coffee or alcohol can cause headaches or sleep deprivation. A healthy amount of water also assists with our digestive processes.

Anxiety and depression cause sleep deprivation or can cause us to dread waking up. When we are dealing with worry or stress in our life, or when we suffer from depression, we will have trouble waking up. Ask for help from a professional for issues with stress, anxiety or mood. Find support from friends, family or groups with issues that may be able to help us through stressful times.

Wake up feeling alert and refreshed!

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