Weight Loss Secret? Sleep More!

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Lose weight and boost your immunity by sleeping more! Could these sleep benefits be too good to be true?

Weight Loss Improves with Sleep
Turns out that a good night sleep has more health benefits than we think! A healthy sleep pattern can curb food cravings and over eating.   That sluggish sleep deprived feeling could also be a result of a drastic decrease in your body’s metabolism.  Lack of sleep has a direct effect of weight gain.

Ever noticed how sleep deprivation and insomnia leave us craving 'junk food' – rather than a healthy option? Many people who suffer from sleep deprivation or insomnia are also prone to increased hunger. In response to hunger we often eat high-calorie snack foods and in turn gain weight. One of the biggest reasons for weight gain, is sugary foods. These high-calorie foods usually trigger hormone responses that are similar to the healthy hormones released during sleep.

In most cases, the late night eating is behavioural. Weight loss can be achieved by a consistent effort to set a practical bedtime and get enough sleep. See the Bedroom Secrets from Elite Athletes article for sleep behaviour tips that can help.

Weight gain can lead to sleep problems and be part of a vicious cycle of waking. Should you have ongoing problems with weight gain and sleeplessness ask your GP for assistance in losing weight and improving your sleep.

Sleep Deprivation Lowers Your Immunity
Insomnia lowers our immunity and makes you more prone to colds and viruses. Some of us are deprived of nighttime sleep because we are working night shifts, parenting a young child, or travelling across time zones. Our situation not only reduces our sleep time, it can expose us to additional germs and consequently affect our health.

Getting enough sleep allows your body to release proteins and antibodies that help fight germs and reduce inflammation. When we cannot take advantage of the added benefit to getting enough sleep and sleeping through the night, add a short nap to your day. Or, allow yourself to get to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones by sleeping your way to good health! 

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