Welcome to the Guest Bedroom

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We are always delighted to have a comfortable place for our family and friends to stay in our home. At Bedshed, we’d like to share our hospitality and a few ideas for decorating a welcoming guest bedroom.

The best way to juggle a variety of overnight guests is to have two single or king single beds. For example, our visiting aunt and uncle might want to share a bed, but a nephew and uncle might want separate beds. The guest beds can be separated or pushed together, depending on the guests.

We recommend decorating the guest bedroom with our contemporary timber design, the Beverly or our brilliant-value suite, the Rimini White with beds available in all sizes from Single to King.

For those occasions with a number of overnight guests, we use the Aerobed, because it can quickly be inflated in any room and is so comfortable to sleep on.

We add a couple soft and a couple firm pillows to the room and use high-quality linens to help our guests get a restful sleep. 

A Guest Bedroom’s Little Comforts

Little touches make overnight stays more relaxing.  We recommend setting up an expandable rack for luggage, place clothing-hooks on the back of the door, and provide extra hangers so our guests can unpack. Our bonus tip is to place a power-strip in a convenient location on a dresser, bedside or desktop, because most travellers have mobile electronics, a camera or phone that needs charging. 

Sometimes we even pamper our guests by placing the guest towels and small conveniences including facial tissues, shampoo, conditioner, soap and a toothbrush in the guest bedroom. When our cherished-family stays with us, we will add a framed family picture to the dresser or bedside.

Understandably, our guests may be unfamiliar with the layout of the guest room, so we plug in a nightlight with a motion sensor. This will help light the way to the bathroom or hall in the middle of the night.

We invite you to stop by any of our Bedshed locations to look at functional and friendly options for your guest bedroom.

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