13 November 2017

Bedshed franchisee reveals behind-the-scenes secrets of a Bedshed buying trip

A little over four years ago, Patrick and his wife Gill Weiner opened their store at Nunawading, Victoria. They’d heard on the Bedshed grapevine about the bi-annual buying trips that Bedshed hosts across Asia including Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and China. However, it was only this year that they decided to take up the opportunity to attend.

Here, Patrick shares what you can expect from a buying trip with Bedshed.

3 November 2017

Debunking the myths of franchising: #1 your voice won’t be heard

When it comes to the myths surrounding the world of franchising, we’ve heard them all! From lack of work/life balance to financial instability, there are a number of misconceptions about franchising, often circulated in both the industry and media, that don’t always paint the full picture.

If you’re considering joining a franchise, it’s important to remember that every franchise system is different. Each franchise will have their own way of incorporating franchisees into their network, and from there how they work with (and treat) them. At Bedshed, we know our own model can put any negative rumours to rest, starting with the common myth that your voice won’t be heard.

14 September 2017

What you wish you knew then - franchise owner gives advice to his younger self

Stewart Herman, of Bedshed Melville, has been a franchisee with Bedshed for almost 21 years. During this time, he’s certainly achieved a lot – however it hasn’t come without its challenges.

It’s no secret that a successful and prosperous career takes hard work and determination, something Stewart knows all too well. While reflecting on his time with Bedshed so far, we asked Stewart what franchising career advice he would give his younger self.

7 September 2017

Bedshed's General Manager Gavin Culmsee features in Inside Retail podcast

Our very own Gavin Culmsee recently caught up with Matthew Elmas from Inside Retail to talk about the future of bedding technology. 

Catch up on what Gavin had to say here.

6 September 2017

Lifestyle vs career: How to have the best of both worlds

All successful careers require hard work and determination. Franchising is no different. The majority of people want to find a happy medium when it comes to their careers. They want something that’s rewarding and challenging, but most of all something that pays enough to support their family and the lifestyle they want.

There’s a lot of reasons people go into franchising – independence, financial sustainability and a career change are up there as some top examples. But for many, the promise of having flexibility and work/life balance is the biggest appeal.

11 August 2017

Who's who at Bedshed - get to know Gavin Culmsee

As a leader in the franchising industry, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Bedshed’s General Manager, Gavin Culmsee, has been with the business for nine years, leading the network of 24 franchisees. Since joining the team, Gavin has overseen the successful expansion and growth of the network across the country.

Here he shares some valuable insight from his time at Bedshed.

27 June 2017

The key to running a successful franchise

So, you’ve made the decision to change your life and own your own franchise. You’ve done your homework, determined the franchise you want to be a part of and your doors are officially open for business. What’s next?

It may come as no surprise that starting your own franchise can be hard work, but with the right tools and support, good planning and a solid network, you can position your franchise for growth and success.

28 April 2017

Diary of a franchisee - the buying trips

It’s a common misconception that joining a franchise means your decision-making power and input into important product selection is taken away. At Bedshed, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bedshed hosts biannual buying trips which visit destinations across Asia including Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and China. These are open to any franchisee who’s interested in taking part in product selection. 

Katy Gennai, of Bedshed Watergardens, is a seasoned expert when it comes to making valuable product purchase decisions. Having recently returned from the most recent buying trip, Katy shares some insight into what the trips are really like.

19 April 2017

Get to know Jennifer Stewart

Nearly two years ago, Jennifer and her husband Rob Stewart opened their store at Bundall, in the Gold Coast. Relocating both their business and family from Melbourne was no easy feat. There were a number of challenges along the way, but as a family, and with the support of Bedshed, the Stewart family are now thoroughly enjoying the successful operation of their Bundall store.

Here we ask Jennifer a few questions to get to know her and her family better.

5 April 2017

Think you know franchising? Three things you thought you knew that are totally wrong

The decision to buy a franchise is undoubtedly a big one. So, before you make this critical decision, it’s important you have all the facts.

While there are a number of benefits of owning a franchise, there are also a number of misconceptions, usually circulated around the industry and in the media. These myths don’t always paint the full picture of the industry, and they certainly aren’t representative of what franchising is like at Bedshed.