30 June 2016

A look inside the modern bedroom - what's hot and what's not?

Fashion is something that many think of in the context of clothes and shoes, but trends in interior design are equally seasonal; and very important for any good retailer to understand. Bedshed franchisees have their finger on the pulse when it comes to what's hot in the bedroom, and they put this knowledge into practice at the annual buying trips many attend.

Steward Herman, of Bedshed Melville, is one such franchisee, and is experienced at spotting the next trends and ensuring he has the right stock in to meet current demand. Here he shares what's in for autumn. 

Mixing and Matching

Matching furniture sets are out and shaking it up is in! We are increasingly finding that consumers no longer want a uniform, matching bedroom set. The younger generations in particular are shifting towards a more contrasted looking bedroom, using a combination of materials and types of furniture. For example, in store we have a linen headboard with a mirrored bedside table, which are popular with customers.

Style in Scandinavian

It seems we are taking some inspiration from our friends in the North. The sleek, innovative look is very appealing to those who are after a clean, minimalistic look.

Our 'Zander' style timber bed is where modern meets retro styling.

Cool in colour

This year has seen an interesting turn in terms of the colours in fashion. For our timber furniture, the lighter, more natural coloured products are a massive hit at the moment, as seen in the Zander photo above. If you're wanting the latest in linen trends, your light beige and space greys are great options.

The 'Betty' timber colour is particularly hot at the moment.

Adjustable bases… why not go the extra step? 

Following on from an increased interest in good quality mattresses, we are also seeing a push towards mattresses with an adjustable base. Adjustable mattress bases give you the ultimate lifestyle control - reading a book, typing on a laptop or watching TV in bed can be made easier by simply inclining the top part of your mattress.

Quality over everything

We're finding that more and more people are showing a keen interest in the different types of mattresses available to them, with a huge focus on good quality. There is now, more than ever, an emphasis on investing in a mattress that best suits the individual. Staff are consistently well trained to ensure they can give relevant advice and recommend a mattress that best suits the needs of the customer. At Bedshed, we work very closely with our suppliers to ensure we know all the ins and outs of our products, meaning we are able to give valuable mattress advice to all of our customers.