16 August 2016

4 things you never knew you'd do as a franchisee

You’ve probably heard a lot about the lifestyle and financial benefits that come with being a franchisee. However, there’s also a combination of other exciting things you might not expect that come when you sign on the dotted line. We’ve asked our franchisees and uncovered some of the perks of franchising:

1. Become king (or queen) of the frequent flyer club

For those of you who love to pack your bags and jet off overseas, franchising offers ample opportunity. Bedshed hosts annual buying trips which are open to any franchisee who’s interested in taking part in product selection. The trips visit destinations across Asia including Malaysia, China and Vietnam, and offer the perfect opportunity for you to travel as a team along with your partner. Franchisees can then bank the frequent flier points for a holiday at a later date.

The overseas trips also present the ideal opportunity to socialise with other franchisees. You’re able to contribute to the future success of your store by having a say in what products are chosen, all while enjoying overseas travel.

2. Join an advisory council

In previous roles you may never have had the chance to be part of a committee. With your new franchise it could be time to get involved and help make significant macro business decisions. With Bedshed, franchisees have the option to join either the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC), or the Merchandise Advisory Council (MAC).

Meeting once a quarter, the FAC contributes to business decisions on everything from operational matters and customer feedback to promotional and advertising campaigns. The MAC is responsible for product related decisions. While there’s absolutely no compulsory nature to these councils, they present a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to get involved and share their opinion.

3. Win an award

We love the idea of recognising hard work and success, so every year we host an awards evening. Held at different locations around the country, all franchisees are invited to attend and celebrate the previous year’s hard work.

Awards can be won across a number of different categories, such as ‘franchisee of the year’ and ‘best presented store’.

4. Become part of a community

While our franchisees are all different and unique in their own way, what they do have in common is that they’re incredibly supportive and encouraging of one another. What works well in one store often has the potential to work well in another, and our franchisees are constantly sharing tips and tricks to help each other out.

Much of the Bedshed network does however extend beyond the professional environment – many of our franchisees have become life-long friends.