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9th Aug 2022, 04:35:53 AM

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SleepMaker Hush Pillow

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Combines luxurious natural fibres and proven technology to provide the ultimate in luxury and temperature control. A moulded core contains a unique formulation for head and neck support. Ventilation allows airflow and added breathability and gel particles to help provide a cool sleeping surface. The moulding process gives pin point accuracy in creating a foams feels allowing us to find the ideal feel for head and neck support. Wool and silk blend surround provides a breathable surface with moisture absorbent active fibres that react to changes in your sleep environment, helping to regulate temperature and keep you warmer in winter and cooler in Summer. With moisture wicking properties, more absorbent than cotton and softer than silk, a soft, sheer 300 thread count Tencel® cover helps to provide a cooler, fresher sleep surface.
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