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Does my mattress come with a warranty?

Sleep soundly knowing that when you invest in a new mattress, any defects in workmanship or materials are covered. All the mattresses we sell at Bedshed are covered by a 10-year warranty. However, it's important that all appropriate care instructions are followed, and all documentation is kept and retained, as certain activities may void a manufacturers warranty.

Typically, your mattress warranty will not cover:

  • Handles (where fitted): only use these to position the mattress, and do not use to bear its full weight.
  • Any smell/odour on your new bed
  • Minor manufacturing anomalies that don't affect the function of the bed
  • Any issues related to heat
  • Issues related to comfort choice - this is a personal preference and not considered a manufacturing fault.

I've just purchased a new mattress, what things do I need to consider?

It may take you time for your body to adjust to your new mattress purchase. It will have a different feel and improved support from your old mattress you've been sleeping on. It can take you up to 60 days for your body to adjust to your new mattress. For further peace of mind ask our staff about our 60 night comfort guarantee.

The most important step is using an appropriate mattress protector on your new mattress. This will keep your mattress protected from stains and spills (which will assist to extend the life of your mattress), and if you purchased your protector at the same time as your mattress it also qualifies you for our 60 night comfort guarantee.

Body impressions are normal as the comfort layers in your mattress settle and contour to your shape. The more plush your mattress, the more comfort layers it will contain. Body impressions can be balanced through regular rotation of your mattress - once a fortnight for the first three months, then three to four times a year after.

If you find yourself sleeping hot on your new mattress, consider your sleeping environment. New mattresses contain features designed to minimize pressure points on the body and allow the sleeper to 'sink in' to a more relaxed state. This results in more of your body making contact with the mattress, and the possibility of your mattress feeling warmer to sleep on. It's important to review your sheets and blankets alongside your new mattress to find the correct balance in temperature.

Is your mattress properly supported? A centre support is integral to ensuring your mattress does not dip in the middle. Consider upgrading your base when you do your mattress - your new mattress will be far more comfortable and last longer when a supportive bed frame, or matching base is used. If you use a slatted base system, it's important that your slats are secured and spaced ideally 8cm apart, with a centre support rail. This will ensure the longevity of your mattress.

If your new mattress is a Queen or King Size, consider sleeping in the middle from time to time to even out the settling of the comfort layers and prevent the middle from developing a 'hill' appearance. (Similar to a three seater sofa, if you never use the middle seat!)

What do I do if I have a problem with my mattress?

Please contact your store of purchase to discuss any issues and concerns.

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