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9th Jul 2020, 12:57:56 AM

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Bedroom Insights

Get inspired with the latest looks and trends in bedrooms.


How to find the best mattress for your kids

Looking for the best mattress for your child? Read our helpful article for advice on finding the right mattress to help your child get the best night's sleep

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Finding the perfect bedroom suite for you

Finding the perfect bedroom suite is easier than you think! Check out our handy guide to finding the perfect bedroom suite for you today.

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Spring Mattresses vs Memory Foam Mattresses

Not sure about the difference between memory foam and spring mattresses? We delve into what they’re made of and the advantages of each to help you decide!

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Tempurpedic vs Tempur Mattresses

Tempurpedic or Tempur? They both sound almost the same! You’ve probably heard both names when it comes to mattresses. Bedshed are here to tell you what’s the difference!

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Four easy ways to style your bedroom when moving out

Moving out of home for the first time is pretty exciting, at least once you finish the dreaded task of packing and unpacking all of your stuff. Whether it's a cosy one bed apartment or a share house with mates, it’s all about your new found freedom and making your new space feel like home. To help you out, we've pulled together some handy hints that'll get your bedroom looking great in no time. No floordrobe required.

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Drama Queen: Why the Queen Bed is so popular

In Australia, the queen bed reigns supreme – in fact, The Bedroom Report shows that 59% of Australian’s sleep on a queen size mattress.

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Mattress sizes in Australia, UK and South Africa - how they compare.

When is a king a queen? When is a single not a single? Bedshed compares the difference in mattress sizes and names between Australia, the UK and South Africa.

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