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California King vs King sizes - Mattress showdown!

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Want to know what a little extra length in the bedroom could mean for you?

We’re talking mattress sizes, of course! If you’ve ever wondered what a California King size mattress is, or what the difference is between a standard King size mattress and a Super King size mattress - you’re in the right place. Because when it comes to the three Kings of mattress sizes, Bedshed is here to give you the long and short of it!

It was not too long ago that we only had the choice of a single bed or a double bed. Now we have Single mattresses, Single Long mattresses, King Single mattresses, Double mattresses, Queen mattresses, King mattresses and Super King mattresses here in Australia.

See our Bedshed Mattress Size Guide for all the Australian bed sizes.

You’ve probably also heard about the intriguingly named California King (likely from a particularly catchy song!). It’s important to note that the closest you’ll find to a California King in Australia is the Super King - but not to worry, you’re certainly not missing out on anything! The Super King bed offers more than enough space for a comfortable night’s rest.

So how do our Kings compare with their US counterparts?

Firstly, let’s start with a definition. California King size mattresses were originally named because of their popularity in California (they’re also known in some places as ‘Western King size’, while standard King sized mattresses are often called ‘Eastern King size’. Got it?).

It really all comes down to length. A California King size mattress offers greater length than a standard King size mattress - 2,100mm compared with 2,040mm but is the same width - so it’s still perfectly fine for couples and singles wanting enough space to starfish comfortably!

So where does a Super King fit in? A Super King size mattress is the same length as a King size mattress, but it’s wider - around 210mm - giving it a larger, square sleeping surface.

So if you’re sleeping in a King size mattress and you want to upsize - the Super King is your best option in Australia.

Comparing the three Kings

  California King Super King King
  California King Super King King
Size 1,830mm (W) x 2,100mm (L) 2,040mm (W) x 2,040mm (L) 1,830mm (W) x 2,040mm (L)
Other Names Western King Size Only known as ‘Super King’ Eastern King Size
Not Available in Australia
Available in Australia
Available in Australia
Features Tallest King Bed Widest King Bed & greatest
surface area on the market
Same width as a Cal King

Which King is better for your bedroom?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new mattress it’s important to consider your bedroom space, especially when it comes to larger sized beds. It’s a good idea to measure your room and draw a rough diagram showing how your bed fits in with the bedroom furniture you have, and where the door and windows are (you don’t want to have to climb over the bed to get in!) And be sure to leave room to actually walk around.

Measuring in at almost two metres wide, a King Bed will take up considerable space in the bedroom but it’s perfect for couples who value their personal sleeping space! The dimensions of a King Bed are similar to having two single long mattresses side-by-side, giving couples more than enough room to stretch out and enjoy an undisturbed night of sleep.

If you have a particularly spacious bedroom, fill it up with a Super King sized bed! With an additional 210mm of width in comparison to a standard King mattress, this is not the bed for small space living - but it does provide an unbeatable level of comfort for those who love having room to move! Whether you’re a midnight wriggler, a growing family that needs space for a toddler and a dog, a couple who has outgrown the Queen, or if you just love to stretch out in every direction, the Super King delivers on indulgence and a great night’s rest.

Summing Up

So there you have it! Australian standard sizes for King beds differ slightly from their American versions, but offer up similar benefits and sleeping experience.

Talk to the friendly and helpful team at Bedshed or use our handy Mattress Selector to find the perfect mattress to suit your comfort preferences, health needs and price range.

(NB Mattress sizes may vary in size from brand to brand).


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