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26th Sep 2021, 05:45:08 AM

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Mattress sizes in Australia, UK and South Africa - how they compare.

Mattress sizes in Australia, UK and South Africa - how they compare.

A mattress by any other name - or, when can you call a king, a queen?

Bedshed compares mattress sizes and names between Australia, the UK and South Africa.

Vegemite or Marmite? Bar Ones or Mars Bars? King, queen or single sized mattresses? While there are a lot of social and cultural similarities between Australia, the UK and South Africa, there are a few significant differences (like what we call our favourite foods!) but we’re not here today to talk about food.

We’re talking about beds - or more particularly, mattresses, and how the sizes differ between these three countries. It’s not as straightforward as you think! It doesn’t help that the names given to mattress sizes like full, queen and king are not standard definitions or sizes but nicknames, and differ around the world. Unfortunately, there is no international standard.

For instance, in Australia we generally refer to mattress sizes as being Single mattresses, Single Long mattresses, King Single mattresses, Double mattresses, Queen mattresses, King mattresses, and Super King mattresses. The basic sizes for British beds are single, double, king, and super king; in South Africa mattresses are single, three-quarter, double, queen, king and super king. And most have slightly different dimensions, despite them having the same names. (Don’t worry if you’re confused - we’re here to help!) In Europe, things are a little simpler - Euro Single, Euro Double, Euro King.

Understanding these differences in mattress sizes between Australia, the UK, Europe and South Africa may help you if you are purchasing a mattress here in Australia to fit a bed frame, bed ensemble or bed base purchased overseas, or if you need to purchase bedding or linen here to fit a mattress purchased overseas.

For example, if you bring your UK King size bed with you, you will need to buy Queen size sheets for it in Australia. The California King is popular in some countries, but it’s not available in Australia - the nearest to the California King is the Super King: same width but a few centimetres shorter. And a single bed in the UK is slightly narrower than a single bed in Australia.

You get the picture!

So how exactly do mattress sizes and mattress names compare between Australia, the UK and South Africa? Let’s take a look.

Bed Size
Mattress Sizes
South African
Mattress Sizes
Mattress Sizes


920mm (W) x 1,880mm (L)

Small Single

750mm (W) x 1,900mm (L)

Single Bed Size

910mm (W) x 1,880mm (L)

Euro Single

900mm (W) x 2,000mm (L)

Long Single

920mm (W) x 2,040mm (L)


900mm (W) x 1,900mm (L)

King Single

1,070mm (W) x 2,040mm (L)

Small Double

1,200mm (W) x 1,900mm (L)

Three Quarter Bed Size

1,070mm (W) x 1,880mm (L)


1,380mm (W) x 1,880mm (L)


1,350mm (W) x 1,900mm (L)

Double Bed Size

1,370mm (W) x 1,880mm (L)

Euro Double

1,400mm (W) x 2,000mm (L)


1,530mm (W) x 2,040mm (L)


1,500mm (W) x 2,000mm (L)

Queen Bed Size

1,520mm (W) x 1,880mm (L)


1,830mm (W) x 2,040mm (L)

Super King

2,040mm (W) x 2,040mm (L)

King Bed Size

1,830mm (W) x 1,880mm (L)

Euro King

1,600mm (W) x 2,000mm (L)

Super King

2,040mm (W) x 2,040mm (L)

Super King Bed Size

2,000mm (W) x 2,000mm (L)

So now you know. A mattress by any name may NOT be the same name in Australia as it is in South Africa, Europe or the UK. This matters if you are buying a mattress or bedding for a bed purchased overseas - if you’re planning on moving overseas.

Talk to the friendly bedding specialists at your nearest Bedshed Store - we can give you the full lowdown on mattress sizing, feels and comfort - wherever you’ve come from - check out our handy Mattress Selector - it’s the easiest way to make sure you are buying exactly the right size mattress for your bed.