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How to declutter your kid's bedroom

How to declutter your kid's bedroom

With kids constantly growing out of clothes, toys and shoes, ensuring their bedrooms are a clutter-free zone can quickly become a big task if not done regularly. In this blog, we'll explore practical tips, clever hacks, and creative solutions to help you tackle clutter. 

Create habits

Encourage your children to keep their bedrooms clean and tidy by introducing playful elements to the cleaning process. Consider how your child responds to learning, if they’re competitive you could create a challenge to see how many toys they can clear away in a given time frame or create a rhyming song that you could sing together whilst you show them a cleaning process. 

Give everything its own ‘home’

An easy way to ensure your kid's bedrooms remain clutter-free is to ensure that all of their toys and clothes have a ‘home’. Invest in versatile storage solutions that make it easy foryour child to keep their belongings organised. Use bins, baskets, shelves, and labelled containers to designate specific spots for toys, books, and clothing, making cleanup a breeze.

Donate and rotate

Every few months we recommend taking the time to work with your kids on decluttering their space. Go through their clothes, toys and books and help them create piles to donate, keep, or rotate. This can help to provide your children with a sense of autonomy over their possessions while teaching them how to declutter. 

A key tip to maintaining a clutter-free space in your kid's bedroom is to rotate their toy selection. Only have a small selection of toys available, and store the rest away. This will prevent your kids from getting bored, as well as create excitement when ‘new’ toys come into rotation. 

Consider functionality 

While many children love to play in indoor playhouses, they often take up a lot of space and can be awkward to design a functional bedroom. Instead, consider space-saving toys, and make use of wall space, whether it’s installing shelves for additional storage or hanging a whiteboard to encourage creativity. 

Invest in adequate storage solutions. We recommend opting for a bed with built-in storage such as the Daisy bed frame or the Wellard bed frame so your kids have the option to display their most beloved trinkets and favourite books. Matching bedroom suites are also a great way to ensure your children's bedroom feels timeless while having plenty of storage. 

Ask the bedroom experts

Need help selecting the perfect furniture for your children's bedroom? Contact one of our bedroom experts today to find your perfect fit.

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