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How to find the best firm mattress for you

How to find the best firm mattress for you

There’s a lot of contradicting information out there about firm mattresses. Most people think they aren’t comfy enough and immediately go for the softest option and other people choose the hardest mattress possible and wear it like a badge of honour. When you’re asking yourself ‘should I get a firm mattress?’, remember, there’s no perfect mattress for everyone - it’s about your body type, sleeping habits, and personal preference. But we’ve got a few tips to help you decide if a firm mattress is the right choice for you.

How do you know if a mattress is firm?

‘Firmness’ just refers to how a mattress feels when you lay on it. This means the best way to determine if a mattress is firm is to test it out. When you lay down, how does it feel? A firm mattress has a push-back sensation and gives the impression that you’re laying ‘on top’ of the mattress, not sinking into it like a plush or medium feel mattress. Usually, they have a thin comfort layer and feel relatively rigid from the firm memory foam or spring support. 

People who need a firm mattress

For a more in-depth look at Australian bed and mattress sizes head over to our Bed Sizes Guide. It includes a breakdown of all of the mattress sizes offered by the brands we stock here at Bedshed.

Stomach sleepers

Mattress choice mostly depends on your preferred sleeping position, as this determines whether the mattress firmness will be comfortable. Firm mattresses are the most suitable for stomach sleepers because the rigid surface stops the midsection of your body from sinking and therefore keeps your spine in alignment. Some stomach sleepers may prefer a medium-firm mattress to provide surface cushioning for the front of their bodies. Back sleepers can also use firm mattresses (but they usually prefer medium-firm), and side sleepers should choose plush options instead.

Hot sleepers

If you easily get hot in bed, then a firmer mattress gives you a better chance of staying cool. Soft mattresses let you sink in, so you’re surrounded by more cushioning and are laying skin-tight against the mattress, conforming to your natural body shape - while firm mattresses allow you to lay lightly on top of the surface of the mattress, allowing for increased airflow. 

People with back pain

Depending on your sleeping position, a firm mattress may provide back support and help to reduce back pain and tension. If you sleep on your stomach or back, a firm mattress will align your spine and disperse your weight evenly, therefore alleviating pressure on your back. But if you have any joint pain in other areas of your body, then a firm mattress might not be the right mattress for you and, so a medium-firm one would be best.

Heavier individuals

In general, mattresses will feel softer for heavier individuals. This means that people with a heavier weight are usually more comfortable on firmer mattresses. A firm mattress will provide a strong support system and a thin cushioning layer on top will add extra comfort and support.

How to pick the best firm mattress

For a more in-depth look at Australian bed and mattress sizes head over to our Bed Sizes Guide. It includes a breakdown of all of the mattress sizes offered by the brands we stock here at Bedshed.

Test for long enough

Although it might feel a bit awkward, we recommend laying on a mattress in the store for at least 15 minutes. This allows for the initial feeling to wear off as your body relaxes properly into the mattress - it will determine whether it’s comfortable and the right mattress for you.

Lay in your sleeping position

Again, we know it can be embarrassing to properly relax on a mattress in the store, but you’ll regret it if you don’t. Make sure you lay the way you do at home, whether that’s on your stomach, back, or side. Your sleeping position is one of the main factors that affect comfort, so you need to ensure your mattress suits the position.

Talk to your doctor

If you have back pain or any medical considerations, then your doctor might have advice about what mattress will look after your health the most. They will know if you have the sort of back pain that requires a firm mattress or a medium-firm one.

Bring a friend or family member

Even though it’s your opinion that matters, a friend or family member can take pictures of you laying on the bed to check your spinal alignment. They can also check for sleeping partner disturbance by laying on the other side and moving around.

Wear comfortable clothes

When you’re testing a mattress, you need to recreate the conditions you have at home as much as possible. So, wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes which won’t inhibit your ability to test the comfort of the mattress.

Bring your pillow

When it comes to sleeping comfortably, your pillow is almost as important as your mattress. So, testing a mattress without using the right pillow can throw off the whole experience. For the best results, bring your favourite pillow to the shop and use it when you test every mattress.

Keen for a firm mattress?

If you meet some of the firm mattress criteria and are already imagining jumping into your new bed, then feel free to visit us in-store or browse through our mattress selection to find the best firm mattress for your needs. However, if you’re a side or back sleeper and feel like you need more information, head to our mattress selector tool

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