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7th Dec 2021, 04:18:09 AM

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Styling indoor plants in the bedroom

Styling indoor plants in the bedroom

Liven up your bedroom décor with plants! Introducing indoor plants into the bedroom is a refreshing and clever way to lift a tired space, while also creating a relaxing sanctuary. The colour green is calming, so what better place to embrace this trend than in the bedroom. From cascading hanging plants to small succulents and even artificial greenery, here are our hassle-free tips to successfully adding indoor plants to your bedroom. 


Styling with plants

Plant in white vase on the floor
Image credit: Elonhome

When it comes to styling with plants, there are no rules. As long as your plants have sufficient sunlight, you’re set. Whether you’re wanting a row of succulents along your window, or a luscious fiddle-leaf fig in the corner of your room, the style options are endless. Plants introduce inviting texture into a bedroom, as well as organic shapes in different shades of green. Each plant is like a work of art and can transform a bare corner or empty shelf into a tapestry of leaves and colour. Group your accessories and knick-knacks with a small plant in your bedroom, or add a plant on top of a stack of books. Instead of a vase or vessel, why not add a plant to your dresser or bedside table and create a more visually appealing element to the room. If you want to inject even more colour, then buy a decorative pot. Choose a pot that suits your décor, or use it as an opportunity to introduce a new colour or texture to your space. 


Hanging plants

Assortment of plants on dresser and hanging plant above bed
Image credit: Chloe Berk for Hunker

Hanging plants are a great option for small bedrooms, as they don’t take precious floor space. Let your plants run wild with thriving vines that hang in all directions. Devil’s Ivy, String Hearts, String of Pearls and Boston Ferns, are delicate hanging plants that can sit on a shelf or even hang from the ceiling. Group them together for a room accent, or scatter them around the space for hints of green. 


Statement plants

Statement plant next to bed
Image: Tumblr

Have an empty corner or blank wall and not sure how to fill it? Why not buy a tall plant with interesting foliage to fill the void. Place the plant in a feature basket, pot or decorative plant stand, to add height and colour to the room. Plants with interesting foliage add a new visual interest to the room with their shape and size, plus you can easily move them around your bedroom as opposed to bedroom furniture. 


Artificial plants

Artificial plants

If you’re not a green thumb and prone to overwatering, then opt for faux plants. Today, artificial plants are so life-like, that it can be hard to tell the difference between what’s real, and what’s not. When selecting faux plants, be sure to select different styles of plants in different shades of green – this will ensure they appear more life-like. When you get your plants home, make sure you play with the leaves by bending and shaping them to appear life like. Remember, real plants aren’t perfect, so shape the branches and fan out the leaves so they appear natural. 


Types of indoor plants

From large and striking leaves, to delicate vines, there are several indoor plants you can introduce to your bedroom, depending on your style. For robust, larger leaves try a rubber plant or Monstera, while a Kenita palm, Umbrella tree or Bird of Paradise plant are great options for the floor. If you’re looking for smaller plants to add to your bookcase or shelving, then try a fern, succulent or even small cacti.

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