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Teenager Bedroom Furniture Essentials

A stylish teenage bed in a bedroom setting

Have your kids hit their teen years? The transition period between childhood to adulthood presents a challenge to parents in many areas, and décor choices are no exception. The pre-teen and teen years are the perfect time to make a bedroom update, especially if you’re now facing the reality that your little angel has been replaced by a surly growing teenager, no longer content to sleep in their single bed. If your kids have outgrown their princess bedspread or race car sheets seemingly overnight, then it’s time for a change! Wondering what a teenager should put in their room? Check out Bedshed’s list of teen bedroom furniture essentials below.

The Jefferson king single suite

A clever bed

First things first, your teen has probably been sleeping on a single bed up until now and its likely high time for an upgrade. Whilst single beds are plenty roomy for toddlers and younger kids, most teens will find them too small – a big growth spurt could see their feet hanging off the end of the bed! King singles offer more length and width, but if your space allows you should consider a double or even a queen bed - this will give them plenty of space to stretch out and last them into early adulthood. We’d recommend making the most out of their space with a clever storage bed with features like built-in shelves, a lift-up bases on in-built drawers or bring your teen along a shop for beds that fit their personal style.

A study zone

Entering high school means the homework will start to pile up and it's time to get serious about hitting the books. Part of helping your teen to develop good study habits is ensuring they have an area that’s free of distractions. Set up a quiet, dedicated space for your teen to study with a new desk or hutch. This will give your teen the room they need to store their books and study supplies and a comfortable area to stay focused and on-task. A desk is also a good place to store electronics and chargers. According to our Bedroom Report, 1 in 5 people will play games on their phone in bed at night. For teens who are gamers, night time screen habits can be seriously detrimental to their sleep, grades and health. Studies have shown that night screen use can lead to sleep disruption, restlessness and problems falling asleep so it’s definitely worth encouraging your teen to keep gadgets hidden away at night to help ensure they’re limiting their screen time and not staying up all night on their phone. Creating a zone for gadgets can help your teen to improve their sleep quality and form good sleep habits. Desks are also ideal as a dressing table, or a ‘getting ready’ zone when space is at a premium.

A getting ready space

Which brings us to our next point! A getting ready area is a teenage bedroom furniture must-have. The teen years are all about self-expression and you’ll probably find that a quick brush of the teeth is no longer going to do it! Gone are the days of picking their outfits for them and putting on their shoes, say hello to hours of primping and preening in front of the bathroom mirror. Cut down on the bathroom demand by setting them up with their own dressing table! A mirror and a place to store all their clothes or other essentials will make it much easier for them to get organised in the morning and helps to make them responsible for their own space and storage.

The Airlie tallboy

A display area

Give them plenty of surfaces to display the things that make them unique. Bedside tables, a tallboy or a chest of drawers make perfect landing areas for all their favourite things and double as storage space for their clothing and the items they want to keep close. Let them stack up their trophies, add artwork, posters and plants and change up these spaces as often as their interests change.

Closed storage

Teens have a reputation for being messy. Make it as easy as possible for them to stay organised with plenty of closed storage. Plenty of drawer spaces and places to keep all their stuff will mean that there’s no excuses for throwing things on the floor (but they probably will anyway).

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