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7th Dec 2021, 05:34:13 AM

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The Bedroom Report

The Bedroom Report

In November 2017, to better understand the sleep habits of all Australians, Bedshed commissioned a nationwide survey. This survey revealed all kinds of interesting facts about what we do in our most private space: the bedroom.

This formed what is now The Bedroom Report.

We discovered a range of funny, interesting and practical facts from the number of hours we sleep at night to who’s the messiest in the bedroom by asking a broad range of questions.

At Bedshed, we believe the bedroom is the most important room in the house. Understanding the bedroom needs of our customers, and offering solutions to these needs, is what motivates us.

Our motivation behind this research was to gain further insight into what really goes on in Australian bedrooms and to take these learnings to provide the relevant advice, innovative products and the finest service for our customers.

We think you’ll agree - we found out some insightful bedroom habits and details – many practical, some interesting and several that are pretty funny.

Our team at Bedshed are passionate bedding experts – we take what we do seriously, but we are human and we like to have fun! It’s true that we spend around a third of our lives in the bedroom, but that time is not just about the physical act of sleeping. There’s a whole lot of fun stuff, serious stuff and interesting stuff that goes on there too.

Ultimately, we’ve taken away the guess work and by understanding our customers’ motivations we can offer the best bedroom solutions. Our intrinsic desire to listen, understand, advise and have fun, we believe is unique to us at Bedshed – and that is why… No one’s better in the bedroom.