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Top 8 upholstered bed design ideas

Top 8 upholstered bed design ideas

Your bedroom is a reflection of your personal style and comfort, and the focal point of this haven is often the bed. Upholstered beds not only offer a blend of sophistication and cosiness but also serve as a statement piece in any bedroom. In this article, we’ll share 8 inspiring fabric and upholstered bed style ideas to help you transform your bedroom.

Classic elegance with linen

Linen upholstered beds exude a timeless charm, offering a natural, relaxed feel to your space. Embrace the soft texture and breathability of linen, complemented by earthy tones or soothing pastels for a serene and classic look.

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Luxurious velvet sophistication

Introduce opulence to your bedroom with velvet-upholstered beds. Rich, sumptuous, and available in an array of colours, velvet adds a touch of glamour and sophistication, creating an inviting and luxurious sleeping space.

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Textured depth with bouclé

Explore the trend of bouclé fabric, renowned for its cosy texture and unique appearance. Incorporate bouclé-upholstered beds to infuse depth and warmth into your bedroom, offering a tactile experience and a contemporary look.

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Timeless charm of tufted upholstery

Embrace the elegance of tufted upholstery, which adds a sense of luxury and grace to any bed. Whether it's a headboard or the entire bed frame, tufting creates visual interest and depth, amplifying the bedroom's aesthetic appeal. 

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Statement-making patterns

Make a bold statement with upholstered beds featuring intricate patterns. From floral designs to geometric shapes or playful prints, patterns on fabric add personality and a unique focal point to your sleeping haven. 

You can even make your bedroom a trending topic by creating your own bed using these patterns with mix and match infinity in store.

Earthy warmth in woven textures

Incorporate woven textures, like rattan or cane, into your upholstered bed design for a natural and warm aesthetic. These textures add a touch of rustic charm and bring the outdoors inside, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Minimalist chic with neutral tones

Create a serene and minimalist vibe by choosing upholstered beds in neutral tones. Shades like beige, grey, or cream offer versatility, allowing you to play with accessories and décor while maintaining a clean and sophisticated look.

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Customised creativity

Personalise your bedroom with customised upholstered beds. Mix and match fabrics, experiment with textures, or even opt for a bespoke design to create a bed that's uniquely yours, reflecting your individual taste and style.

Whether you prefer the classic allure of linen, the sumptuousness of velvet, or the contemporary charm of bouclé, there's a plethora of fabric and upholstered bed styles to suit every taste and interior aesthetic. Let these 8 style inspirations guide you in curating a space that you’ll love.

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