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5 Reasons Adjustable Beds Are Not Just For Older People

5 Reasons to Buy Adjustable Bed

Ever noticed how cozy reclining seats are? They’ve been a lounge room fixture for a long time, and for good reason! There’s nothing comfier than being able to perfectly adjust your position for the ultimate movie-viewing experience. Nowadays automatic recliners are even starting to pop up in cinemas!

Did you know you can introduce that same level of comfort into the bedroom with an adjustable bed from Bedshed? Many people believe that adjustable beds are only for the elderly or mobility impaired, but in fact, everyone can benefit from having an adjustable bed in the bedroom.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should buy an adjustable bed and why they’re not just for older people.

Contemporary style

Before you begin imagining the unwieldy beds from the hospital clashing with your décor, we should tell you that our range of adjustable beds are designed with modern bedrooms in mind. Adjustable beds for home use are designed to blend in beautifully with contemporary spaces, they’re sleek and unobtrusive. Today’s models can often be customised with headboards, or can even fit inside or on top of a bed frame for a seamless look. Far from being the beds with railing and wires that you might remember, the design and mechanics of adjustable beds has come a long way. Nowadays most adjustable beds are operated from at least two points – under the head and knees and the mechanics are neatly concealed under the base. The position of the bed can often be adjusted with a remote or wired control, depending on the model although some newer models can even be controlled from apps and your smartphone.

A range of features

Most modern adjustable beds come with a range of impressive features to improve comfort and convenience. You might expect to see dual-side adjustable functionality, to allow couples with different needs and preferences to operate their sides of the bed independently – meaning no compromises when it comes to comfort! Depending on the model you’ll find features such as massage settings, snore settings, lumbar support and head/neck support for when you’re sitting upright in bed.


You don’t have to be elderly to experience back pain or breathing issues. Adjustable beds can alleviate a range of health concerns because they can be adjusted to elevate certain areas of the body. One of the most common reasons for people to seek out adjustable bed options is because they are experiencing back pain. Improper spinal alignment can leave you in pain, waking up with an aching lower back rather than rested and refreshed in the morning. An adjustable bed ensures that your mattress fits perfectly to the contours of your body, every night and can help to reduce compression on your upper, middle and lower back.

For those who suffer from sleep apnea or other breathing issues, an adjustable option can also be highly beneficial – this is because it is often recommended that people who suffer from breathing difficulties elevate their heads. Many people who suffer from breathing difficulties will find themselves stacking up pillows to try and get comfortable, an adjustable bed makes it so much easier! Even if you don’t suffer from chronic breathing difficulties, some people may find that sleeping with their heads elevated is more comfortable (and reduces snoring) – it’s an excellent solution for those struggling with allergies or experiencing pressure in the sinuses as elevation opens the airways.

Other health concerns that can be addressed include; swelling or circulation issues, arthritis and acid reflux. They’re also an excellent option for those recovering from major surgeries as it’s easy to achieve sleeping positions recommended by your medical professional to assist with healing and recuperation.


No matter what your age is, a comfortable night’s sleep is a must. Getting quality sleep is essential for your health, most adults require on average seven to nine hours each night, and yet many people get far less than that. If you’re one of the 1.7 million Australian’s that wake up during the night because your mattress or pillow is uncomfortable (according to our Bedroom Report) then an adjustable bed might be exactly what you’re missing. Adjustable beds are incredibly versatile, helping to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible every night. No two days are the same, and so your mattress shouldn’t be either. Adjust your sleeping environment to your needs on the day. More aches and pains then usual? Mould your mattress to alleviate pressure. Sharing with a partner? Adjust sides independently for a comfortable night’s sleep that you’ll both enjoy!


One of the best things about adjustable beds is that they’re designed for the modern bedroom. In the past, bedrooms were simply a space for sleeping but the way we use the space has changed over time. The demands of our modern lifestyle often means the bedroom doubles as a study space, office work area, or an area to put up your feet after a long day. Adjustable beds can be easily elevated so that you can work from your laptop, watch TV, get a massage or read your favourite novel.

Considering adding an adjustable bed to the bedroom? Find out more from the bedroom experts, or find the perfect mattress to pair it with – try our handy mattress selector tool.

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