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Bed base vs bed frame: which should you choose?

Bed base vs bed frame

When you walk into a bedroom furniture store, there are usually wall to wall options to consider - and it can be a bit overwhelming. How do you know what’s right for you? Where do you start? Well, it’s good to start here, online. Let’s go through one of the major questions you will have - bed base vs bed frame: which should you choose?

What’s the difference between a bed frame and a bed base?

It’s pretty simple. The bed base is the bottom part of the bed, the foundation that your mattress rests on top of - sometimes referred to as a static base, or an ensemble base. Whereas the bed frame is the bed base, connected to a bed head - it’s all the pieces of the bed apart from the mattress.

Pros and cons of a bed base


Easy to put together
Bed bases suit the instruction manual haters and DIY avoiders. They are super simple to put together, usually you just need to attach the legs to the base and it’s good to go.

A bed base gives you a lot of design freedom, as it’s a blank slate ready to be customised to match your bedroom style. If you want to, you could pair an oak base with a dark blue upholstered bed head or a fabric base with a curved marri headboard. Then if you move or redecorate, you don’t have to buy a whole new bedroom set to fit the new design, you can just switch the bed head.

Because they’re built from fewer components and more affordable materials, bed bases are often more affordable than bed frames.


Basic style
On their own, bed bases have a pretty simple design. Some people prefer their minimal look, whilst others like to pair them with a bed head or prefer the look of a timber bed frame.

More steps
It takes work to look for a separate bed head that suits your base and plan out the bedroom design you want. Unless you like that sort of thing, getting a bed set that’s ready to go might be better.

Pros and cons of a bed frame


Ready to go
Bed frames come with all the parts you need for a complete bed, with the base, bed head, and everything. So, you can choose the design that matches your bedroom in the store, put it together, and the job’s done.

Storage space
A bed frame can come with more space underneath it for storage. Also, often there’s storage built into the bed itself, with drawers underneath or shelves in the bed head.


Stuck with the style
Because the whole bedroom set is connected, you won’t always be able to mix and match parts. So, if you want to upgrade the bed head, change the height of the base, or switch to a new look, you may have to buy a whole new bed frame. At Bedshed, you can customise your bed frame and bedhead to suit your style preferences in store with Mix & Match Infinity or online with Mix & Match Options.

Require assembly
Putting together a bed frame can sometimes be an unavoidably long task and takes more than one person.

Slats can be less supportive
Slats support 50-80% of the bottom of the mattress, while a bed base with a platform top is 100% supported. This support helps the mattress retain shape and adds to your comfort.

Can mattresses go on the floor?

With all this talk of bed bases and frames, some of you might be wondering, what if you just put the mattress on the floor? Surely it’s cheaper and easier? Well, that may be true, but there are some pretty significant downsides.

Reasons not to put your mattress on the floor:

  • Lack of ventilation can lead to mould on your mattress
  • It may void your mattress [warranty](/customer-service/help-and-faqs/warranty)
  • Easy for insects to access the mattress
  • Restricted airflow can make your mattress hot
  • Extra dusty - not good if you have allergies
  • Difficult for anyone with mobility issues to get out of bed

Bed base vs bed frame: what one should you choose?

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when you’re buying your bedroom set. The choice really depends on your personal preferences, but you’ll also want to consider how a bed frame or bed base will fit in your room.

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