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Bedroom Storage Ideas To Help You Declutter

Storage bedhead with drop down shelves and hidden storage

Has the condition of your bedroom been giving you nightmares?

Specialists say messy sleeping spaces can meddle with the quality of your shut-eye. “The last things we see (or think about) before sleep and the first things we see when we wake up, influence our entire lives,” says David Kennedy, the author of Feng Shui for Dummies.

“The bedroom is for rest and relating to your partner. Anything we add on top of that can easily zap the strength and quality of those two precious things in our life.”

But in recent decades bedrooms have evolved to become multi-use spaces, and with people currently spending more time in their homes than ever before, it’s never been more true. There’s a good chance that your bedroom is currently doubling as a working from home space, a chill out zone, or even a floordrobe (if you’re one of the 22% of Australian’s with a floordrobe) - so how do you prevent it from impacting your sleep?

Well we’re glad you asked!

There’s never been a better time for some at-home organisation and at Bedshed we have some great bedroom storage ideas and tips for keeping your bedroom a clutter-free zone. Check them out below.

Decluttering 101

Make a plan

If it’s a BIG job to organise your space - the type that can’t just be managed in one afternoon - break it down into small, manageable steps. Take an inventory of what’s in your bedroom and consider which items or tasks could be moved to a different room.

Are there things that could be better stored away to minimise distractions at bedtime? Keeping your bedroom orderly and clean will make your space feel calmer, making it easier to fall asleep at night and the great news is that there are plenty of storage solutions out there to help!

Make a list of what you need

The secret to organising any room is that everything must have a place and that means one thing – storage, and lots of it!

Think about the existing furniture and storage you have in your bedroom; do you have closet space or any storage for clothes? Is your current furniture adding any storage space? You’d be surprised how much additional storage capacity you can get from clever furniture.

For example, a smart storage solution is to invest in a storage bed frame which maximises under-bed space or even makes the most of the headboard with built-in shelves and drawers – perfect for small bedrooms! Customise a storage bed that perfectly fits your space with Mix & Match. Choose from endless base, headboard and fabric options in-store to create the bed of your dreams, or from a range of selections online.

If you do have a small bedroom you might also find yourself living without a walk-in, a great alternative is to keep clothes packed away with modern, streamlined wardrobe storage, a dresser or even a tallboy. Keep your phone tucked away at night in a bedside table with drawers.

If you’re currently using your bedroom to study or work, or you need to create some work from home space, we’d suggest investing in a desk or hutch with plenty of space for your books, computer and office supplies.

Browse our full range of bedroom furniture for more inspiration!

Ask for help

Once you know what you need to get your bedroom organised, don’t be afraid to ask members of your household for help. Why not make it fun by grabbing some snacks, putting on music and creating your own organising party?

Don’t do it all at once

Don’t stress if you’ve got a whole day of organising ahead of you. Just do it in chunks - dedicate the morning to a decent amount of clearing, then have a breather and come back to it. By taking a break, you’re giving yourself time to recharge and will ultimately return with more energy and focus later on.

Daily clean-up

Once you’ve organised your space you’ll find that you immediately feel de-stressed. Doing a quick tidy every day will help keep your space organised, making for a great night’s sleep, every night and ensuring that spending time indoors is enjoyable.

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