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Best mattress for hip pain

Best mattress for hip pain

If you're tired of waking up with aching hips and long for a peaceful night's rest, it might be time to consider a mattress designed to provide the relief you need. In this article, we'll guide you through the world of mattresses and reveal the top options for soothing hip pain.

Understanding hip pain

According to a study in the Medical Journal of Australia, osteoarthritis, hip fractures, and bursitis are some of the most common causes of hip pain, with osteoarthritis affecting approximately 12% of Australians aged 65 years and over. Despite not being the main cause of hip pain, your mattress can definitely be a key contributor.

Regardless of the root cause of your discomfort, selecting the appropriate mattress can make a world of difference. Here are some things to consider:

Firmness level

A mattress's firmness plays a significant role in relieving hip pain. Too soft, and your hips may sink too far into the bed, causing strain on the hip joints. Too firm, and you might not get the necessary cushioning to alleviate pressure points. The key is finding the perfect balance that provides both support and comfort. For most people, a medium mattress is ideal for managing hip pain. 

Supportive materials

Mattresses constructed with supportive materials can help distribute your body weight evenly, reducing pressure on your hips. Memory foam mattresses are great for reducinghip pain as they will contour to your body, cradling your hips while maintaining proper alignment. 


A quality mattress should be an investment that lasts. Durability ensures that your chosen mattress will provide hip pain relief for years to come, rather than losing its supportive qualities quickly. At Bedshed, we offer a 10 year warranty with all of our mattresses. 

Top mattress choices for hip pain

Now, let's explore some of the best mattress options to alleviate hip pain:

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are renowned for their ability to conform to your body's shape, providing exceptional support for your hips. Look for medium-firm memory foam mattresses with gel-infused layers to ensure temperature regulation. Brands like Tempur and Insignia offer excellent options in this category.

Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses

Traditional innerspring mattresses can provide great support for hip pain. Look for mattresses with multi-zone technology or pocket springs, as they are designed to respond to the unique contours of your body to offer targeted support. Brands like Sealy, DreamsenseInsignia, Kingsdown and SleepMaker offer high-quality innerspring options.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds

For those with severe hip pain, an adjustable bed base can work wonders. Pair it with a compatible mattress to find the perfect position that alleviates pressure on your hips. 

Need help making a decision?

Suffering from hip pain doesn't mean you have to endure sleepless nights. The right mattress can be a game-changer in alleviating discomfort and promoting restful sleep. 

When it comes to shopping for a mattress, the perfect option for you will ultimately depend on your specific needs, body type, and sleeping preferences. If you need help with making a decision, visit us in store. Our staff are experts in the bedroom and can help you to find the perfect mattress to suit your needs - or, if you’re shopping online, try out our handy mattress selector tool.

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