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Best mattress for tall sleepers

Best mattress for tall sleepers

Being tall has its advantages - you can reach the high shelf, see the stage at a concert, and your sleeves are never too long - but it can come with a few downsides too. And we’re not just talking, ‘How’s the weather up there?’ jokes. 

Being tall limits your options when it comes to finding a comfortable bed, and this can have real consequences for the quality of your sleep. How many times in your life have you woken up feeling cramped and uncomfortable because your feet are hanging off the end of the bed?

If it’s happened to you before, fear not, because Bedshed has your back - or should we say, your feet!

To help you find a mattress that will measure up to your expectations (and accommodate your height), we’ve created the useful guide below. Read on for a closer look at some of our top mattress picks for tall sleepers.


The average height for men in Australia is 5 foot 9 inches (175.6 cm), or 5 foot 3 inches (161.8 cm) for the average woman. That means most people will find that they can comfortably stretch out on a single or a double mattress which is usually around 188 cm long. But what if you’re 6ft or taller? If you’re 6 foot (183cm tall) you won’t have very much room to stretch out at all, and if you’re 6 foot 3 inches (191cm tall) you’re going to find your toes poking over the end of your mattress!

Well - if you’re taller than average, ideally, you should be looking for a mattress that's at least 200 cm in length to ensure you have enough space to stretch out comfortably. Here are a few options you may consider:

single king

King single

First up, the King Single mattress is a great option for taller individuals who prefer a smaller bed. Usually, around 107cm wide and 203 cm long, this mattress offers plenty of length for a comfortable night's sleep. It’s a great option for smaller bedrooms, dormitories and guest bedrooms as it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s an excellent alternative to a smaller single bed or a shorter double bed if you’ve got a teenager at home who may still be due for a growth spurt, and it’s an excellent space saving solution for adult sleepers. Pair it with a storage bed, a trundle bed or a bunk bed to maximise the use of your space.



If you're a tall sleeper who prefers a larger bed, then the Queen mattress may be the perfect fit. Measuring 153cm wide and 203cm long on average, this mattress offers plenty of room to stretch out. It’s a great choice for couples, or simply for those who love to stretch out in all directions.



King mattresses can be a great investment for those who have a slightly larger bedroom and want to make the most of their space. Measuring around 183 cm wide and 203 cm long, king mattresses provide plenty of room for couples to sleep comfortably side by side.

If you’re tall and sharing a bed with a partner, a king mattress should allow you enough space to stretch out, without touching elbows.

super king

Super King

For the ultimate sleeping experience, tall sleepers should definitely consider a super king mattress. These mattresses are the largest of all standard sizes and measure a whopping 203 cm wide and 203 cm long, providing ample space for even the tallest sleepers to stretch out and really get comfortable.

Super king mattresses are an excellent choice for couples who value their space and want to enjoy a luxurious sleeping experience. They are also a great choice for those who simply love having plenty of room to move around while sleeping.

Bed Sizes Guide

For a more in-depth look at Australian bed and mattress sizes head over to our Bed Sizes Guide. It includes a breakdown of all of the mattress sizes offered by the brands we stock here at Bedshed.

What else should you consider?

Okay, so you know that a single mattress is not for you because it’s too short, but what else should you think about?


If you’re a tall sleeper, it’s easy to focus on length, but the width of your mattress is important too.

Taller sleepers may need a wider mattress to ensure they have enough space to move around comfortably. When choosing a mattress; lie down on it and roll around, stick out your elbows and spread out diagonally.

Are you likely to fall out of bed in the middle of the night or find yourself feeling cramped? If you are, you probably haven’t found the right mattress size and you should consider upgrading to a larger size.


Size matters when it comes to choosing a mattress, but so does support! 

Taller individuals may need a firmer mattress to provide the right level of support. At Bedshed, we offer mattresses with different levels of support, from ultra plush, medium to firm, to ensure you can find the perfect match for your needs.

When it comes to mattress types, memory foam and latex mattresses are great options for taller individuals. These types of mattresses conform to your body shape and distribute your weight evenly, which can help relieve pressure points and ensure a comfortable night's sleep. At Bedshed, we offer a range of memory foam and latex mattresses, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Try them on for size

Finding the right mattress as a tall sleeper can be a tall order, but trust us, it's worth it. Consider the length and width of the mattress, as well as the type of mattress that will offer you the most comfort and support. 

If you’re extra tall, we’d recommend visiting us in store to find the perfect fit, but if you’re shopping online, our handy Mattress Selector tool can help you to size up your options.

With the right mattress from Bedshed, you'll be able to get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

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