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Best mattresses for hot sleepers

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Did you know that your body temperature affects the quality of your sleep? Our bodies are designed to maintain a slightly cooler body temperature when we’re asleep compared to when we’re awake. What feels comfortable enough during the day can cause disrupted, restless sleep at night, especially if you’re too hot. 

If you live in Australia, you’ve probably experienced how heat can impact sleep before. Whether it's the temperature of your bedroom or your body temperature that’s too high, the results are usually the same. Excessive heat can leave you feeling tired and grumpy in the morning. 

For some people, it’s as simple as adjusting a few things in the bedroom (like the air conditioning settings) but for others, it’s not so easy. If you regularly find yourself waking up with night sweats or kicking off the covers, it could be because you’re a hot sleeper.

What’s a hot sleeper?

A hot sleeper is someone who often feels hot at night when trying to sleep. Research shows it's not uncommon, as it affects anywhere from 10-41% of the population. There are many reasons why someone might feel hot during the night, from your gender to your lifestyle habits! Eating or exercising before bed can cause our metabolic rate to rise before sleeping, which can cause our body temperature to increase. We’ll often also feel warmer when sharing a bed with a partner or pets. Many health conditions like hyperthyroidism, anxiety and even the common cold can also cause disturbances in your body temperature. Sometimes it's a combination of factors! 

Most often though, it’s our bedding and mattresses that play the biggest role in how hot or cold we feel at night. If you feel like you're a hot sleeper, you should take a look at the breathability and heat retention properties of your mattress!

Why your mattress matters

Your mattress and bedding can be a major source of heat retention, especially if they were purchased overseas. Whilst a thick duvet and a mattress made from materials designed to hold onto your body heat are great in colder climates, they can present a bit of a problem in Australia. 

If temperature is an issue for you at night, then it’s a good idea to look for mattresses made with breathable moisture-wicking fabrics that feel cool to the touch. It’s also good to look out for mattresses made with cooling gels and open cell foams as these will help to keep you from overheating at night. 

When choosing a mattress, we’d recommend taking its size, type and firmness into account. If you’re sharing a bed, you may want to consider opting for a bigger mattress. The body heat that your partner generates can warm you up - a larger king or queen mattress provides a bigger surface area for heat to dissipate and will give you both enough space to sleep comfortably without making contact. Generally, you’ll also find that spring mattresses are a better option than memory foam mattresses for managing body temperature because they’re less dense and allow for more airflow. Firmer mattresses are preferable to softer mattresses for the same reason - as plush mattresses often come with additional comfort layers that can prevent heat from escaping. 

Our top picks

If you’re looking for a mattress that will keep you feeling cool as a cucumber, here are a few of our top choices. 

SleepMaker Lifestyle Mattress

SleepMaker’s Lifestyle mattress range is designed to ensure that you wake up feeling rested and ready to face the day. The mattress uses a 3-zoned pocket system to provide support, which has the added benefit of making it incredibly breathable. It also features a deluxe quilted sleep surface made from high loft fibre and Dreamfoam, which is designed to offer maximum breathability with minimum heat build-up.

Sealy Posturepedic Elevate

When you’re a hot sleeper, there’s nothing better than a cooling breeze wafting over you - and the Sealy Posturepedic Elevate gives you this cool sensation without the need for an open window. The key is its Intelligent SmarTex® fabric, which is specifically designed to draw away moisture to cool and regulate your sleep climate.

Insignia Luxuria Mattress

The Insignia Luxuria mattress offers a luxurious night of rest to even the hottest sleepers. On the surface, the high-performing fabrics absorb heat, whilst a latex and gel-infused memory foam layer assists with heat dissipation and breathability. Down below, premium encased pocket spring technology provides excellent zoned support whilst allowing air to pass quickly through the mattress.

Need help choosing a mattress?

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