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26th Sep 2021, 05:07:04 AM

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The do’s and don’ts of bed headboards

The do’s and don’ts of bed headboards

Have you ever noticed how the headboard of a bed can make or break a bedroom? The right one will perfectly frame your bed and set the tone for your space, whilst the wrong one can feel mismatched and out of place, throwing off the balance of your bedroom. You’ll find that your bedhead is one of the easiest ways to personalise your space - there’s endless options out there to choose from, from minimalist fabric designs to rustic timbers, luxe velvets and bold patterns. So what are some of the do’s and don’ts you should think about when choosing a bedhead? 

Don’t leave your wall bare 


Ignoring the space behind your bed and leaving it bare will leave your room feeling unfinished. Whilst leaving your bed without a bedhead might seem like a great way to take a minimalist approach, you’re likely to find that it will just look like a key component is missing from your space, because it is. Bedheads are about more than just decoration, they have a functional role as well – they help to protect your head, give you a place to lean against when you’re sitting up in bed and can even double as a clever storage space with inbuilt drawers.

Do make your space your own


Look at the head of your bed as an opportunity to up the style stakes in your bedroom. At Bedshed you can mix and match your bedhead with your bed base to perfectly suit your individual style and change up the look of your space. We have headboards to fit bed’s of every size and shape, from kids' single beds to queen and king headboards. Your bed will be the largest item of furniture in your room and so your eye will naturally be drawn to it when you walk in, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to make your décor shine. Create a space that you love and turn your bedroom into a place where you feel inspired, or comfortable and relaxed. Bedrooms are a very personal space and every element, including your bedhead should complement your personal taste and style. Give your bedroom the attention it deserves and find a bedhead that fits you!

Don’t ignore dimensions


When it comes to choosing a bedhead, size matters. Before you select one, think about the dimensions of your bedroom and your bed. A big bedhead in a small room can make your space feel even smaller and a bit claustrophobic, whilst a shorter bedhead could easily be dwarfed by a big bedroom and may not make much of an impact. You should also think about your bed, a tall bed head could ruin the look of a streamlined low lying bed. A great tip is to mark out where you’d like your new bedhead to sit, take note of the dimensions and keep them in mind when you’re shopping around. 

Need help planning your bedroom? Try our handy bedroom planner to see if your bedside tables will fit in your bedroom or shop in-store today!

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Planning the bedroom of your dreams is easier than you think, try our handy Bedroom Planner to see if your favourite bedroom suite will fit your room or visit us in-store today!

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Do consider your colour choice


Bedheads are a large décor item and so your choice of colour should be carefully considered. Your bed heads should be carefully balanced with the colour palette of your existing décor, otherwise you might find that it looks out of place and clashes with your other bedroom furniture. Consider what kind of look you want to go to, whilst soft neutral tones are great for creating a calming space, many people are also now opting for brighter colours and patterns or deep jewel tones for a bolder, luxe look. For thousands of colour options and endless possibilities, jump into the designer’s seat and create your own custom bed with our Mix n’ Match Infinity range.

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Endless possibilities to create a bed to suit your individual style.

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Don’t forget texture


Texture is equally important as colour when it comes to bedroom styling. Think about what kind of textures you want in your bedroom – are you looking for soft, plush fabrics or do you prefer lived-in coastal timbers? Maybe you’d prefer to decorate your room with supple leather or natural linen? Your choice of fabric, material and design can have a big impact on the feel of your room. A soft, unstructured fabric headboard for example, will give your bedroom a relaxed, modern look whilst a tufted or buttoned style will give your bedroom a much more classic, traditional vibe. Consider your own personal style and what textures work within your space.

Do consider making your headboard do double duty


Make your headboard work extra hard in your space by doubling up on its function. Headboards offer an excellent opportunity for more storage, or even lighting. At Bedshed we have a range of beds with headboards that feature clever storage options like inbuilt shelves and drawers, as well as LED lighting. Your headboard is the perfect place to keep books, jewellery, lamps, your glasses and decorative elements. Adding a headboard with storage is a great way to make use of a small space and an excellent option for modernising a bedroom. 

Head in-store to see our full Mix N’ Match Infinity range and get started on choosing a headboard in a colour and fabric that matches your own unique taste. Not sure what works for your bedroom? Try our hand bedroom planner or speak to one of our friendly Bedshed sales consultants to see what they recommend!