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How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

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Tiny bedroom? Almost all of us will face this challenge at some point. Whether you’re trying to make a kids bedroom work, moving into a dorm room, or perhaps dealing with space constraints in a guest bedroom, it can be frustrating. In a small bedroom, even the slightest bit of clutter can make a space look much smaller and can leave your bedroom feeling claustrophobic. If you feel like the walls are closing in around you, then check out our top tips below on how to make a small bedroom feel much bigger.

Take out the television

If you’re the type to watch TV in bed, then it might be time for a change. Not only is your TV likely to interfere with your sleep, they also tend to use up a lot of space. Older, larger TV’s will chew up a lot of floor space, whilst newer thin LED and LCD will take up all the space on your wall - this might not seem like a big deal but it can make a room feel less spacious and adds to the clutter in a room. Removing your TV from your wall can open up new space for floating shelves, whilst taking out your TV cabinet will create more floor space.

Pick a low bed

To help create the illusion of a spacious, free-flowing bedroom, you should stick to a low-slung bed. The bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and will immediately draw the eye. A bed that sits below your knees will feel less like it is encroaching on your space because it will sit below eye level, allowing you to survey your bedroom without any obstructions and giving the space a more airy, open feel.

Use clever storage

Be clever and considered when it comes to storage and you’ll find you can get much more put away inside your bedroom. Your bed can double as storage with underbed drawers and hideaway spaces or headboard shelving and nooks. Bedside tablestallboys and bedroom chests can all be used to maximise the space in your bedroom with generous drawers for organisation. Avoid adding oversized objects like large wardrobes to your bedroom - they may seem like a great idea for storage but they’ll make your room feel crowded by taking up too much space. Tallboys increase the amount of usable space you have available because you can use the top of them for display.

Keep colours neutral

When painting a smaller bedroom, opt for lighter shades like white, nude or pastel colours. Lighter colours will make your room look bigger than it actually is and add a soothing touch to your space, whilst dark colours will make your bedroom feel smaller and are more likely to keep you awake. To increase the feeling of space and height in your bedroom, keep your ceiling at least a shade or so lighter than your walls.

Use mirrors in your space

Mirrors are your secret weapon when it comes to making a small bedroom look bigger. A mirror placed near your window will reflect sunlight into your room whilst one right in front of the bed can create the visual illusion that your bedroom has virtually doubled in size.

Add an area rug

A strategically placed area rug at the foot of your bed can make your room feel wider and more spacious. Choose a rug that leaves space between the walls of your bedroom and the entryway as this will create the impression that your bedroom is roomier. A rug that is too large, or that reaches the walls will have the opposite effect and make your space feel smaller.

So, there you have it! Good luck in maximising your bedroom space and making it your relaxing haven. For expert guidance and advice visit us in-store today!

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