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Princess bedroom ideas

Princess bedroom ideas

Princess themed room ideas

Every child dreams of a world filled with magic, wonder, and fairy tales. For your little princess, creating a bedroom that reflects her royal dreams can be an exciting project. Transforming her space doesn’t necessarily require a royal budget or a fairy godmother either. With just a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can turn her room into a magical palace where she can reign supreme. Here are some delightful princess-themed bedroom ideas that will inspire you and bring a sprinkle of magic into your child’s space.

A royal colour palette

Start by choosing a colour scheme that reflects regal elegance. Soft pastel shades like lavender, pink, mint green, or pearl white can create a dreamy ambiance. Consider using these hues for the walls, bedding, curtains, furniture and rugs to infuse the room with a princess-like charm.

For modern princesses, the Fleur pink bed frame is the perfect choice for creating an elegant bedroom space.

Canopy beds and drapery

A princess-worthy bed is a must-have centrepiece. Create a canopy bed by adding drapery above the bed. We’d recommend hanging sheer, flowing fabrics to evoke a royal ambiance that feels straight out of a fairytale.

For a dreamy canopy bed set-up, we’d suggest opting for a blank canvas bed frame that will be easy to dress up or down in the future. With its clean lines and smooth white finish, our Morgan bed frame is a classic choice that will fit in well with any bedroom theme. Similarly, the Daisy bed frame also offers a blank canvas for styling. Featuring a classic white timber look and a bookshelf headboard, it’s great for storing secret treasures!

DIY bunk bed castle

Transforming a bunk bed into a regal castle fit for a princess is an enchanting way to elevate her bedroom! Begin by draping silky, flowing curtains around the bottom bunk to create the look of castle walls. Incorporating decorative elements like faux stone or brick wallpaper to mimic the appearance of castle walls, while adding ornate, golden accents like tassels, ribbons, or decals will evoke a royal ambiance. Complement the castle bunk bed with plush pillows, adorned with crowns and sequins, to make it a cosy and whimsical hideaway fit for a little princess.

Magical wall decals and murals

Transform the walls of her bedroom into a magical kingdom with wall decals or hand-painted murals depicting castles, enchanted forests, fairies, or her favourite princess characters. These artistic touches can transport her to a whimsical world every time she enters her room.

Regal accessories

Incorporate princess-themed accessories like crown-shaped pillows, sparkly chandeliers, ornate mirrors, and elegant wall art into her bedroom. Look for items featuring tiaras, carriages, unicorns, or any elements that resonate with her favourite fairy tales.

Enchanting lighting

Illuminate the room with soft, twinkling lights to create a magical ambiance. Fairy lights, crystal chandeliers, or lamps with princess-themed designs can add a warm and dreamy glow.

Royal dress-up corner

Dedicate a corner for her dress-up adventures. Install a tallboy or clothing rack to display princess costumes and accessories. This space will not only encourage imaginative play but also add to the room’s charm.

Whimsical bedding and textiles

Choose bedding adorned with castle motifs, crowns, or her favourite princess characters. Add decorative pillows, throws, and rugs featuring fairy-tale designs to enhance the enchanting atmosphere.

Personalised touches

Incorporate personalised elements like monogrammed pillows, custom wall art featuring her name, or framed artwork of her as a princess to make the space feel uniquely hers.

Magical details

Pay attention to the finer details. Decorate with faux jewels, glittery accents, feather boas, and tulle to add a touch of glamour and magic to the room.

Remember to embrace creativity and involve your child in the process when creating a princess-themed bedroom. For help selecting the perfect bedroom furniture, visit our bedroom experts in-store or browse our full range of kids bedroom furniture online!

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