The Best Mattress for a Bad Back

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Over the last 20 years there has been some debate about the best mattress for a bad back. While firm beds have traditionally been recommended for those with back problems, the current school of thought is tending toward recommending medium mattresses as more appropriate for those with back issues.

The natural shape of a healthy spine is that of an elongated double "S" shape where the spine turns in and out twice. Maintaining this profile is important to the health of the back and, for that matter, our overall health.  In sleep, the spine rests and recovers from the exertions of the day.  This highlights the importance of a mattress supporting the natural double “S” shape of the spine during sleep.

Current thinking suggests that firm mattresses may not provide enough contours for the body while an ultra plush mattress may allow excessive curvature of the spine.  A good mattress for the back should have the ability to contour and mould rather than be hard or very firm. The reason for this is simple; a mattress that contours around its sleeper can mould to fill the gap under the lower back. This enables the mattress to support the double “S” shape of the spine at the point where it needs it the most.

There are a range of constructions that can potentially provide this style of support. Some are directly marketed as orthopaedic or chiropractic mattresses, while others may provide this style of support without a unique marketing proposition around back support.  Prices too come in a wide range of options.

Bedshed has a comprehensive range of mattresses to help you find the right mattress for you.

Sealy Posturepedic have a great range of mattresses. Designed with the help of the Orthopaedic Advisory Board, Sealy Posturepedic® mattresses set the standard for rejuvenating sleep and long-lasting comfort with orthopaedically correct design. 

Have you heard of Tempur? Tempur is a visco-elastic, temperature sensitive material that moulds to the exact contours of your body. With Tempur billions of open cells gently move around the curves of your body giving you total support where you need it, with no counter pressure, to give you a feeling of weightlessness and ensure your night-time renewal for body and mind.

Sleepmaker have a number of mattresses endorsed by the Australian Physiotherpists Association, so you know you body is getting the right support with this mattress that is designed with premium support and comfort in mind.

The options available to you are endless! Trial and error is still the best means of personal selection so head into your local Bedshed to check out your options.