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What is a plush mattress?

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Mattress-selling lingo can be quite enticing, with words that evoke feelings of relaxation and comfort. One of these mattress terms that’s used regularly is ‘plush’, it makes everything sound lovely and luxurious, but what does this seductive word actually refer to? What is a plush mattress? Also, for those on the hunt for the perfect new mattress, should they get one?

What are the benefits of a plush mattress?

Relieves pressure

If you have joint and muscle pain, then a plush mattress might be worth a try. Softer mattresses cradle your body, contouring around your body and letting the spine and joints relax. This provides pressure relief by supporting the right areas and releasing strain and tension in others. Plush mattresses relieve pain in your shoulders, hips, and neck - especially for side sleepers - which means if you’ve got lower back pain a firmer mattress might be a better option.

Cushiony feeling

Many people dream about the sensation of sinking into the pillowy-soft surface of a plush mattress. And even though this doesn’t mean the mattress will suit everyone’s body and sleeping habits, it’s still a priority for many mattress shoppers. We recommend testing a mattress for at least 15 minutes before making a decision, as this will let the initial effect wear off and your body will fully relax. Then you can decide whether the mattress is providing the necessary support and alignment. If it is, then by all means choose your preferred cushiony-feeling option.

Who needs a plush mattress?

People with shoulder and hip pain

As we’ve mentioned, sleepers who have pain points around their shoulders, hips, and neck may find relief by using a plush mattress. But if you also have pain in your back, you may have to try some medium-firm options as well to see which ones cater to all your painful areas.

Side sleepers

Your sleeping position is the most important thing to consider when buying a mattress, as it determines whether you’ll find it comfortable. Soft mattresses suit side sleepers in particular as they let your hips and shoulders sink in while moulding supportively around the curves. Unlike a firm mattress, where the flat surface makes it feel like you’re laying ‘on top’ of the mattress and provides very little give. Soft mattresses can also be the right choice for back sleepers, but stomach sleepers should avoid them.


Sharing a bed with your partner might be romantic, but it also means you have to compromise on your space, blanket use, and mattress choice. Plush mattresses can be a good choice for couples because they can handle motion transfer and stop you from disturbing each other when you move around.

Petite sleepers

Weight can influence your experience of a mattress. For instance, someone who is heavier may find a medium-firm mattress feels soft to them, and vice versa. That’s why petite sleepers - or people with a lighter weight - usually prefer soft mattresses, as they can sink in comfortably.

Types of plush mattresses

Memory foam

The extra cosy option. Plush memory foam mattresses are the ones that provide the best contouring around your hips and shoulders.


A plush spring mattress will be the firmest of the soft options, a good compromise for a couple with one side and one back sleeper.


Somewhere between a spring and memory foam mattress, a plush hybrid has a balance of softness and support.

Ready for your plush mattress?

If all your plush mattress questions have been answered and you’re ready to leap into that cloud-like bed, then either visit us in-store or have a look at our mattress selection. However, if you’ve found out that plush mattresses aren’t for you and are still looking for your match, we’ve got a tool for that!

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