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What is partner disturbance?

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While it is often comforting to share a bed with a partner, it’s not always peaceful. If you’ve ever woken up with your partner's cold feet in your back or laid awake while they snored, you’ll know what we mean. It gets worse if you both have different schedules and sleep patterns. Have you ever found yourself groaning when their alarm goes off in the morning, or found yourself wincing at the thought of getting up because you know the mattress is going to shake them awake? These are known as partner disturbances, and it’s a very common complaint for couples who share a mattress.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to minimise partner disturbance and maximise comfort on your mattress. Read on below to get all the best tips from Bedshed on how to get a better night’s sleep next to your partner.

Choose a mattress together

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One of the best things you can do to reduce partner disturbance is to choose the right mattress for you as a couple. This means that you should take the features of your mattress into careful consideration and go shopping together. You’re both going to be sleeping on it, so it's important that you both find it comfortable. When it comes to selecting the best mattress for reducing partner disturbance, you should start by looking for a mattress that won’t transfer a lot of motion. This means you should steer clear of traditional spring mattresses, especially those that use a bonnell spring system. Bonnell spring mattresses are designed to offer support through a series of interconnected springs which compress together under your body weight. Whilst they are incredibly durable mattresses, they’re less than ideal for couples - just imagine, every time one of you rolls over, the motion is transferred across the entire mattress! The best mattresses for reducing motion transfer are generally hybrid or memory foam mattresses, as they absorb movement. If you prefer the feel of a spring mattress however, then your best option is a pocket spring mattress. Pocket springs are individually wrapped, with each coil acting independently of one another. This provides better zoned support and isolates motion for less partner disturbance. While choosing the right type of mattress is a must, size also matters. Different couples will have different sleep habits and needs in terms of mattress sizing, but generally it’s a good idea to opt for a queen as a minimum. A queen size mattress will have most couples sleeping comfortably, with space to move around, but for some it can feel like close quarters. If you know that you’re the type to spread out, you may be better off considering a king or even a super king size mattress. For maximum comfort and adaptability, you might even want to consider a split king mattress. Split king mattresses are basically two king single mattresses which are used side-by-side, often on an adjustable base. They’re perfect for couples as they accommodate different comfort preferences and give both people more control over their side of the bed.

Set up the perfect sleep environment

If partner disturbance is an issue, then it helps to set up your sleeping environment to limit its impacts. Sometimes, even just switching sides of the bed can make a huge difference for couples. If one person gets up more often during the night and they’re often climbing over you in the middle of the night and waking you up, then switch over! Alternatively, you may even want to consider changing the layout of your bedroom so that both people can easily roll out of their side of the bed. Addressing issues like back pain, hot sleeping or snoring can also go a long way towards improving sleep quality for both people, and it’s often just about finding the right mattress.

Great sleep for happier relationships

Poor quality sleep can take its toll on relationships. Lack of sleep can leave us feeling cranky and unhappy with our partners during the day, and overtime can negatively affect our health. Prioritising a good night’s sleep for both partners will leave you both feeling happier and healthier as individuals AND as a couple.

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Need help choosing a mattress?

If you need help finding the perfect mattress for both of you, speak to one of our mattress experts in-store for advice, or try our handy mattress selector tool!


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