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Best luxury mattresses

Best luxury mattresses

Did you know that most people spend about a third of their lives asleep? That’s a lot more time than you’re ever likely to spend in your car, or on the couch in front of your TV. 

So, it makes sense to splurge a little bit on your mattress, don’t you think? You will thank yourself every night when you drift peacefully off to sleep.

A luxury mattress can elevate your sleeping experience and provide a much-needed boost to your daily routine. It’s one of those little luxuries in life that is worth the investment. 

Choosing a mattress that offers the right combination of support, comfort, and advanced features can help you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning.

At Bedshed, we offer a wide range of luxury mattresses that are designed to stand out from the rest. Our mattresses feature advanced materials and innovative designs that deliver exceptional comfort and support. While a higher price tag may be associated with luxury mattresses, we know that true luxury is defined by how well a mattress is designed and the materials used to meet your individual comfort needs.

To find out more about choosing a luxury mattress, and some of the mattresses we recommend, you continue reading below.

 Choosing a luxury mattress

Choosing the right luxury mattress is an important investment that requires careful consideration. While most high-end mattresses come with a price tag of around $2000 or more, it's worth the investment for the enhanced features and benefits they offer. At Bedshed, our impressive selection of luxury mattresses includes options made right here in Australia by popular brands like Sealy and Insignia. These top-tier brands have garnered a reputation for crafting high-quality sleep solutions, providing unparalleled comfort and support for a restful night's sleep.

When selecting a luxury mattress, it's essential to find one that provides proper support for your back while still being comfortable. The right mattress should cradle your body, alleviate pressure points, and promote proper spinal alignment, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and free from pain.

In addition to comfort and support, the best luxury mattress for you should meet most, if not all your needs. For example, if you sleep with a partner, you'll want to find a mattress that isolates motion so that you don’t experience partner disturbance at night. Other features to consider include temperature regulation, breathability, and durability.

Best high-end bed brands

At Bedshed, we take pride in offering the best high-end bed brands to our customers. 

From Tempur's innovative and industry leading memory foam technology to Sealy's legacy of over a century of crafting high-quality mattresses, our selection of brands caters to a variety of budgets, preferences and needs. If you’re looking for premium materials and superior craftsmanship, we’d recommend checking out Insignia’s range of mattresses. We also know you’ll love the attention to detail that Kingsdown gives to every mattress they make.

Interest free finance

We know that investing in a luxurious mattress can be a significant financial commitment. That's why we offer interest-free finance options at Bedshed, to help you afford the bed of your dreams without breaking the bank!

Our flexible finance options allow you to spread the cost of your luxury mattress over a period of time, making it easier to budget and manage your expenses. 

Our finance options are designed to suit a range of budgets and needs, with repayment plans ranging from 6 months to 60 months. So whether you're looking to pay off your mattress quickly or prefer a longer repayment period, we have an option that works for you.

Get the best night’s sleep

Investing in a high-quality mattress is essential for getting the restful sleep you deserve, and with Bedshed's flexible finance options, it's more affordable than ever. 

Plus, with our 60 Night Comfort Guarantee you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind because you’ll have up to 60 nights to decide if your new mattress is the perfect match for you. 

So why wait? Shop online or visit one of our stores today to find the perfect luxury mattress for you.


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