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What is your bedroom personality?

What is your bedroom personality?

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Picture this: it’s the first time you’ve thought about choosing a theme for your bedroom decor. Perhaps you’ve finally got a steady job after university and it’s time to upgrade the op shop finds and hand-me-down furniture, or it’s been years since you redecorated and your room is filled with mismatched items that don't fit your personality. Either way, you’re probably looking to discover your personal style and are wondering ‘how should I decorate my bedroom?’ - if so, we’ve got some tips to point you in the right direction!

How to find your bedroom design style

What pieces in your bedroom bring you joy?

When you’re trying to define your bedroom personality, it’s not about simply copying what’s in style. Trends come and go, so you should take some time to think about what you truly like. We’d suggest following Marie Kondo’s advice - look for items in your bedroom that spark joy, as this can provide great insight into your own personal style. 
A bookcase stacked with old favourites could lead to a cosy, cottage-style bedroom. An heirloom chest of drawers may become part of a shabby-chic vintage theme. Pick a collection of pieces that really feel like you and then build your bedroom personality from there.

Find bedroom style inspiration

Finally, an excuse to spend hours on Instagram and Pinterest. The next step in developing your personal style is to research bedroom aesthetic ideas. Create collections of fabrics and colours that speak to you, bookmark links to bedroom furniture you like, and watch plenty of interior design tv shows - this is often useful for deciding what you definitely don’t want! After a while, a theme will begin to emerge from your notes and mood boards, and then you can start planning the layout of your room.

Popular bedroom decorating themes


Cosy, rustic, and relaxing.

The cottage decor style is a classic and doesn’t just work in the countryside! Think a bed adorned with soft throws and beautiful, white linens, with a vintage bedside table stacked with books, and walls made from reclaimed wood that have been painted a calm, coastal blue. 


Serene, minimalist, and natural.

Scandinavian style makes things simple and streamlined, in a way that creates a calming space for you to wake up. The design is often confused with minimalism, but even though it features some of the same characteristics, it uses various textures and colours to inject more warmth into a room. A contemporary Scandinavian-style bedroom could have pale wooden floorboards, plenty of abundantly leafy plants, and a few mustard-yellow, ruffled rugs and throw pillows.


Eclectic, meaningful, and artistic.

If you’re a bit unconventional, then the bohemian style could be the perfect way to express your individuality. It’s all about repurposing old items, displaying interesting mementos from life or travel, and giving everything plenty of colour. Picture a bedroom with a worn, colourful vintage rug and a red velvet armchair sitting next to a timber-style bed with a whimsical rattan headboard.

Art Deco

Glamorous, bold, and classic.

A retro style from the 1920’s, art deco is focused on metallic accents and geometric patterns. Even though art deco originated about 100 years ago, it feels incredibly modern, leaning into the maximalism style that has become popular recently. Choosing art deco would make it a statement bedroom, perhaps featuring striking patterned wallpaper, an upholstered bed with a striking velvet headboard, and a large chandelier made of brass and glass.

Looking for more ideas and inspiration?

Tips for decorating your bedroom

Once you’ve got your bedroom design style sorted, it’s time to think about the practical things. So here’s some tips for making sure your bedroom is functional as well as beautiful:

Find the right size furniture:

After you’ve put so much effort into choosing the right style, you don’t want to overcrowd the bedroom with furniture that’s way too big. Use a floor plan and measure the space, mapping out exactly where everything is going to go. Our bedroom planner can help you to organise your bedroom layout.

Be smart with your storage:

Clutter will destroy the aesthetic of your bedroom. So, use smart storage to keep things tucked away and make the room seem spacious and calm. A great way to achieve this is by adding a storage bench at the end of the bed, large bedside tables, and small boxes that slide under the bed.

Choose quality linens:

Bedrooms are all about the fabrics. Your newly redesigned room just won’t meet expectations if you lay down on a bed with low-thread-count sheets or touch a scratchy, cheap throw rug. Invest in soft, luxurious fabrics and you won’t regret it.

Layer your lighting:

Lighting is an important part of making your bedroom feel cosy. When you layer your lighting throughout the room, it creates different spaces for each activity and options for every mood. Small bedside lamps are useful for reading, while soft, accent lighting will add a luxurious touch to your bedroom.

Think about paint colours:

The colour of your walls can dictate the overall mood of your bedroom, as well as how well you sleep! Bright colours have actually been shown to keep us awake, so it’s important to spend some time thinking about paint colours in your bedroom. Pure whites and cooler tones will often feel more contemporary, while warmer tones will give your room a cozier feel. 

For more advice on decorating your bedroom, check out our styling tips from an expert.

Need a shortcut to finding your style?

Try this quick bedroom style quiz for all the answers you need!

Choose a wall colour

a. white
b. light blue
c. emerald green
d. wallpaper

Choose a rug

a. fluffy white
b. patterned
c. persian
d. geometric shapes

Choose a bed

a. light wood
b. white metal
c. dark wood
d. upholstered

Mostly As: Scandinavian
Mostly Bs: Cottage
Mostly Cs: Bohemian
Mostly Ds: Art Deco


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