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Tips on designing a bedroom for couples

Tips on designing a bedroom for couples

The bedroom holds a special place in your home, serving as a sanctuary where you unwind, connect with your partner, and find restful sleep. Designing a bedroom for couples involves creating a comfortable and relaxing space that reflects your unique identity as a couple. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach, implementing thoughtful bedroom design choices can contribute to a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in your shared retreat.

Decorating tips for couples

Plan your bedroom layout

Ever find yourself annoyed because your partner's socks are always on the floor, and their things are always in the way? A poorly planned bedroom can really get in the way of harmony in a relationship. When sharing a bedroom, careful planning and organisation really is a must. If you’re trying to create a space you can both love, start by prioritising essential furniture pieces and strategically plan their placement. Consider opting for multifunctional furniture that provides storage solutions or explore underbed storage options and bed frames with hidden compartments to maximise the available space.

Have a conversation with your partner

Open communication is key to ensuring that both you and your partner feel comfortable and involved in the decision-making process. Discuss each other's needs and preferences when it comes to bedroom design, allowing you to create a space that reflects both of your styles and promotes a sense of shared ownership.

Choose a soothing colour scheme

The right colour scheme sets the tone for your bedroom. Opt for calming and neutral tones such as soft blues, gentle greens, or warm earthy hues. Harmonising colours can create a serene ambience, while incorporating pops of complementary shades adds visual interest and personalise the space.

Embrace mixing and matching

Instead of adhering to strict symmetry, embrace mix and matching in your bedroom design. Mix and match furniture pieces and decor elements to achieve a balanced yet visually intriguing arrangement. This approach allows each partner to express their individuality while maintaining an overall cohesive look.

Stick to an overall theme

Selecting an overall design theme that resonates with both partners can create a cohesive and harmonious space. Whether you prefer a contemporary, minimalist style or a cosy country and coastal vibe, choose furniture and decor that align with your chosen theme. Shopping for bed frames and bedroom furniture that fit the theme will help bring your vision to life.

Consider your budget

Investing in high-quality furniture pays off in the long run. While there may be a higher upfront cost, durable and well-crafted pieces can withstand the test of time. Consider your budget and explore flexible payment options to make your dream bedroom a reality without straining your finances.

Choosing the right mattress:

The quality of your sleep directly affects your overall well-being. When selecting a mattress for you and your partner, it’s important to take into account each of your sleeping needs. Factors like individual comfort preferences and partner disturbance play a significant role in how well you will sleep. Investing in the right mattress that addresses these concerns can contribute to a restful and undisturbed sleep experience for both of you. Use our handy Mattress Selector to explore different mattress options.

Get tips and advice from the bedroom experts

Designing a bedroom for couples involves creating a comfortable, relaxing, and personalised environment that reflects the shared identity of both partners. Prioritise space planning, open communication, colour schemes, themes, budget considerations, and choosing the right mattress. By following these tips, you can transform your small bedroom into a harmonious retreat that embodies your unique style.

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