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Your guide to an industrial bedroom style

Your guide to an industrial bedroom style

Finally, the days of hand-me-down furniture and mattresses on the floor are over, and it’s time to invest in a proper bedroom aesthetic and bedroom suite. But what one? Well, the industrial interior style is a great, flexible choice for anyone who loves a vintage, eclectic feel - and if you’re keen to get it right the first time, then our guide should come in handy!

What is industrial interior design?

The industrial interior design style has become incredibly popular in the last decade, especially in cafes, restaurants, trendy apartments and modern homes. We’ve all seen it around - just remember the last place you had a smashed avo on toast! The style is inspired by warehouses and factories, utilising that unfinished look where all the building materials you usually hide are on display. The exposed pipes and brickwork are combined with wood and metal furniture and vintage or reclaimed objects. 

Why choose the industrial style for your bedroom?

Industrial doesn’t mean unhomely: You can decorate your bedroom in the industrial style and still incorporate cute vintage lights, calming plants, soft blankets, and large windows or high ceilings for letting light in.

Combine with other styles: The industrial style easily mixes with other styles, so you can incorporate elements you like from styles like Scandinavian minimalism or cosy cottage into your bedroom.

Very customisable: Because of the mismatched style and blank canvas of brick and polished concrete, you can tweak the style to include the colours you like and whatever pieces take your fancy.

Eco-friendly design: The industrial aesthetic often heavily features reclaimed materials and vintage items, so it can often be quite a sustainable choice.

 Industrial bedroom design tips

Start with a neutral base

An industrial style is all about balance, so starting with neutral tones gives you something to slowly build on. This means introducing a few interesting pieces at a time to see what the effect is and not trying too many colours all at once. For example, choose a contemporary bed frame and a wooden bedside table first and then you can add a cute coppery lamp, a fluffy white rug, and so on.

Mix wood and metal:

Once you’ve got some exposed brick and pipes, the most industrial thing you can add to your room is a mix of wood and metal elements. This combination always works, creating a vintage vibe and a neutral base for your other quirky items. Our Lilydale black oak bed frame matches well with a rustic bookcase or dresser made from reclaimed wood. The timber pieces soften the effect of the metal and make the bedroom feel homely.

Soften industrial elements:

If you just left your room bare, with all the brick, metal, and exposed concrete, it would literally look like a factory. What makes this design work is the extra elements, the items like sheer curtains, dome pendant lighting, fluffy rugs, leafy plants, and colourful artwork. They soften the design and make it feel cosy. Also, the cluttered look works with an industrial bedroom design, as quirky ornaments and books add character to the room.

Use various textures:

Creating an industrial interior is a journey, you have to play with the design until you get it right. The key is mixing and matching different textures until it feels cohesive with a combination of smooth, rough, and soft surfaces. Our Pisa Blackwood bed frame is a great option if you’re trying to achieve a contemporary look, as it’s crafted with Natural Messmate or Blackwood veneer finishes. Our Sigrid bed frame also mixes a grey upholstered headboard with a black veneer frame. To get an eclectic, layered aesthetic in your bedroom, combine things like a distressed wood vanity desk like the Sigrid Vanity & Stool (link to product page on website), soft pillows, polished lamps, and a leather or upholstered-look armchair. The combination of textures is another way to make an industrial bedroom seem lived-in and welcoming.

Choose a colour palette:

It’s easy to overdo the industrial-chic bedroom by combining too many opposing colours. So you don’t go too chaotic with the colours, it’s best to stick to a particular colour scheme. For instance, you could pick a warm colour palette of orange, red, and yellow, and then all your stand-out pieces would fall in this category. Or a pastel colour scheme, where your doona cover, cushions, artwork, and ornaments would all be light pinks and blues. 

Industrial bedroom essentials

Homely rug: When you’ve got cold, bare concrete or wooden floors, a soft rug will make it warmer and more comfortable. Also, a colourful one will liven up your room.

A quirky lamp: A unique style of lamp can become a stand-out industrial piece in your bedroom. Choose a shiny metal one, a bare bulb in a cage design, or an ornate vintage style.

Contemporary  bed frame: An industrial bed frame makes an impact, but it also has a classic, timeless style. Choosing a bed that mixes timber and upholstered details is a great way to incorporate both a vintage feel and varied textures into your room.

Statement artwork: Art can both break up a busy exposed brick wall and add flavour to a minimalist industrial style. Use the artwork to infuse the room with your personal taste.

Finding your industrial-style bed

Now that you’re fully prepared to create your own industrial-style bedroom, you’ll probably start looking for an industrial bed and other furniture to fill it. So, have a look through our selection of bedroom furniture and bed frames.


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